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4 strategies to increase your eCommerce Christmas sales

Discover 4 decisive strategies to increase your eCommerce sales this Christmas 2022.


This week, in the midst of the Christmas season, what better than to talk about some strategies to increase sales for an eCommerce during Christmas 2022.

As we talked about in the post "Prepare your eCommerce for Christmas 2022: Everything you need to know", the Christmas campaign, as well as other events such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday, are decisive periods in which eCommerce sales increase as a result of gifts from Santa Claus, the Three Kings, Secret friends, etc.

Therefore, we leave you with 4 decisive strategies to increase your eCommerce sales this Christmas.

1. Prepare your website

One of Salesforce's predictions for this holiday campaign talked about the importance of physical stores this Christmas, however, not exclusively as a sales channel, but as a complementary channel to eCommerce.

Users will visit physical stores to return products, pick up orders, test products, etc. However, more and more consumers are buying their Christmas gifts online, so we must have a website that allows a high number of users and orders, i.e. it must be optimized, secure, etc.

To do so, we can take care of, among others, the following aspects in our eCommerce:

- The loading speed of the website must be less than 2 seconds. A slow website will cause users to abandon it before placing their order.

- Responsive design, adapted to the different devices from which users can access a website.

- Valuable content, with real and quality images of the product, relevant and organized information.

- Fast and secure checkout and payment system. Users will not buy products in an eCommerce that does not offer payment security or that requires an excessive number of steps to complete the process.

2. Communicate with your target

The possible communication channels you can use to get your brand into the minds of your potential customers as an option to buy products at Christmas are very diverse. Remember that a communication strategy is more effective as long as the channels complement each other and communications are segmented.

Social media

Employing a social media strategy during the Christmas campaign is effective, because social media are massive channels, with a reduced cost and, in addition, with a tendency to virality.

Email marketing

Email marketing during the Christmas campaign is usually focused on communicating exclusive offers and promotions, or recommending products (added to cart, similar to purchased products, favorite brands, etc.).

The main difference with social media is that this channel does not seek virality or reach new customers, since the customers who receive our emails as a brand are those who are in the database and, therefore, who have given their data to our company previously.

The advantage of this channel is that it is much more qualified, since, as we have said, it reaches users who have a relationship with our brand.

3. Create exclusive promotions

One of Planet's tips for preparing your eCommerce Christmas campaign this 2022 was to offer exclusive promotions and discounts to your customers.

Customers are more likely to shop in stores with reduced prices, so employing a discount strategy at Christmas will help your business sales increase and users acquire a higher average ticket on their orders, thanks to the feeling of savings generated by the discounts.

To prepare your discount strategy on Shopify, you can try our App for free. With Planet you can schedule and automate discount campaigns in minutes, selecting products and variants easily thanks to advanced filters.

4. Offer added value to your brand

What do we mean by added value? Well, we know that the competition for any business today is very wide, so offering certain added values such as shorter delivery times, free shipping costs, free returns, extended return periods, gift packaging, lists of gift options, etc. will be decisive when it comes to purchasing products this Christmas.

In addition to saving money, consumers are looking for a good shopping experience, especially when they are last minute purchases. If your eCommerce manages to offer both, you are sure to increase your sales this Christmas.

And of course, remember that increasing your eCommerce sales at Christmas is important, but building customer loyalty will be crucial for your eCommerce to be successful throughout the rest of the year.

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

Boost your eCommerce Sales

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