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Prepare your eCommerce for Christmas 2022: Everything you need to know

Prepare your eCommerce for the Christmas 2022 campaign and increase sales.


Have you already started to prepare your Christmas sales? With the end of November, a month full of eCommerce discounts with Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we have to get our eCommerce ready for Christmas, a decisive moment for the sales of our business.

Christmas campaign predictions 2022

According to Salesforce's predictions, the 2022 Christmas campaign will be influenced by the economic instability that is affecting society, so users will tend to make last-minute purchases to obtain higher discounts, with the expectation that discounts will reach an average of 18%.

Andrea Zarroca, Senior Principal Success Manager for Retail at Salesforce Spain, gathers the following predictions to take into account for the success of our Christmas campaign.

1. Importance of the offers

The current trend due to inflation is to look for the best deals, so consumers are divided between those who anticipate purchases taking advantage of events such as Black Friday, or those who wait for last minute discounts.

2. Less loyal consumers

As prices rise, consumers choose the best deals, leaving aside their trusted brands. They lose the fear of buying new brands and customer loyalty is more complicated, so we must pay special attention to the shopping experience of our customers.

3. Importance of physical stores

Physical stores will gain importance in the Christmas campaign, not as the only way to shop, but as a way for more unified shopping, such as picking up online purchases in-store to avoid shipping costs. In fact, 74% of retailers say that their customers bought at least one more product during the time they were waiting in store to pick up an order, so we see that physical stores are not losing value to eCommerce.

4. Increased value of sustainability

Users increasingly attach importance to the sustainability of the products they buy and the company's corporate values. This implies that, if it is known that a company has dubious business values or does not strive for sustainability, users will avoid buying its products. This is why, during the Christmas campaign, we will see multiple allusions to environmental care in brand communications.

5. Innovation

Technology is growing and constantly changing, as is social media, which is reinventing itself and offering new ways for brands to advertise their products, such as live broadcasts to increase sales. This Christmas 2022, we will see advertising campaigns on channels such as Twitch, TikTok and Amazon Live.


3 Tips to prepare for the 2022 Christmas campaign

After talking about Salesforce's predictions for this Christmas 2022, here are three tips to prepare your eCommerce for the Christmas campaign.

1. Offers exclusive promotions

Incite consumer purchases with discounts or special offers, differentiating these offers from those offered on Cyber Week to avoid the purchase brake involved in seeing the same products at higher prices.


This action depends on the profit margin and possibilities of your eCommerce, so, if you are not able to carry out promotions, you should attract the attention of your consumers with other added values such as faster shipping, free returns, longer return times, special packaging for Christmas gifts, gift card options, etc.

2. Establish a solid communication strategy

To get consumers to choose your products this Christmas over the competition, you can establish a solid communication strategy, taking into account the above-mentioned predictions on the importance of sustainability, alternative social media, etc.

At Christmas, consumers give more value to emotional campaigns, so showing this type of messages will make them establish a stronger connection with the brand.

In addition, you can establish an email marketing strategy in which you communicate your offers, the advantages of buying in your eCommerce during the Christmas season, congratulating them for the holidays, etc. Remember that the subject of your email will be essential for users to open it.

3. Optimize your website

This point is essential for any eCommerce, since users who enter a slow, disorganized website, with poor quality images, etc. will look for an alternative in the competition.

Pay special attention to the optimization of mobile devices, since more than 50% of eCommerce traffic comes from these devices.

Follow our tips and prepare your eCommerce for Christmas 2022! Remember that with Planet, you can program your offers for these days.

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

Boost your eCommerce Sales

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