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Boost your sales with Smart Promotions

Bring your customers the opportunity to buy their desired products at the best price at the right time with Planet.

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All the promotions you can imagine,
in just one place.

Choose the best promotions for every moment and boost your eCommerce sales. Reach the full potential of your store through our smart promotions, and get your customers the right product at the right time maximizing your profits.

Use the power of Bundles to increase your average ticket

By cross-selling and bundling products, create the best offers to give your customers the best combination of products for their needs, maximizing your sales.

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Boost your revenue with the best discounts and sales

Product clearance, flash offers, last units... Optimize your discount management to maximize your profits and show your customers the best opportunities at every moment.

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Increase your AOV with Buy More, Save More promotions

The more, the better. Create the best volume offers for products that tend to sell more than one unit at a time, increasing your average sale and improving your turnover.

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What merchants say about us

Review stars

I tested a lot of discount apps, but this one is the best for our needs. The support is really great, and we can see the team does their best to keep on improving the app. Would recommend this to anyone looking for an app that adjusts prices via API!

Review stars

Very easy to use. I used the app to schedule volume discounts on a collection of my products. It was easy to navigate, apply discount, apply price rounding, and adjust tags.

Review stars

I find clients respond much better to having price changes visible in products rather than applying discount in cart. This App makes having visible discounts a breeze.Great customer service as well.

Review stars

Absolutely great app and the support it top notch! I tried many similar apps and this was by far the best!. Lot's of additional information and reports too. Just do it, you won't be disappointed!

Brent Wallace
Review stars

Esta app es maravillosa!, súper simple de instalar, sin tener que editar código, y súper fácil de utilizar: es muy intuitiva y sencilla. La instalamos para aplicar descuentos a colecciones y ahorra muchísimo tiempo cuando tienes mucho catálogo.