What is Planet?

We help eCommerce companies to simplify price decision-making, automate their routine processes and save time so they can dedicate it to their customers.

Venture capital raised
Founded since 2016
Amazing team members
Active users and growing
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This is just the beginning

It all started at the end of 2020 in Malaga, when we decided to reinvent price management for eCommerce. Today we are very happy to continue with our vision and to have involved more wonderful people in it. We want to help any company to make the best decisions in their online store quickly, intuitively, and automatically.

Sergio Peñas & Víctor Gentile, co-founders.


Our values

"A company without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder."



We expose all information to our users as it is to help them make the best decision. Internally at Planet we advocate transparency in all departments.

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We seek to solve the real problems of users. That is why your feedback is so important to us and we consider it as the center of Planet.



Our main objective is to attract the best talent for Planet, people who are passionate and committed to our vision.

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So that our users can improve their day to day, we iterate as quickly as possible to have their feedback in real time.