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Sneakers brand Consuela increases sales with Planet's help

Planet has helped generate more than 30% of Consuela's sales.

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About Consuela

Founded in 2008 in Madrid, Consuela was born from a passion for sneakers and streetwear, with the idea of bringing its personal vision and the best sneakers on the market to the local scene.

Consuela is a multi-brand store with two stores located in Madrid and a store in one of the main shopping streets of Lisbon, which will open in 2022. In addition, it complements these stores with an eCommerce, with national and international shipments.

As for its online presence, Consuela has more than 20k followers on Instagram, where she shares brand products and news.



Consuela has multiple collections and brands of sneakers, clothes, and accessories. With more than 24,000 references in its eCommerce, the efficient management of the brand's pricing strategy and promotions is especially complex.

The main promotional strategy employed by Consuela is the price discount, which allows customers to directly see the discount already applied on the product page.

This way, customers can see what is the final price of the product and the amount of money they are saving by purchasing  product with a discount.

However, managing different price discounts depending on brand, collection or even variant in a manual way is a real challenge for Consuela due to the high stock rotation and numerous references of its eCommerce.

The use of higher discounts for products with few units or single sizes allows the brand to liquidate inventory, freeing up space and resources to launch new products in the market continuously.


By automating promotions using the Shopify Planet app, Consuela can easily manage its promotions, applying discounts of 20% - 70% independently and filtering based on brand or collection.

Thanks to the selection of products through filters, discounts are created in just a few minutes, showing the changes directly on the product page at the moment the promotion is activated.

‍Additionally, to attract more traffic to its website and position itself against the high competition of urban fashion in Spain. Consuela gives a special place to promotions within its website, in specific sections of "Sales", "Outlet" and "Latest sizes".‍

On the other hand, Planet has worked closely with Consuela for the scheduling of punctual Flash Sales, creating different promotions and, especially in this case, returning the products to their original price automatically. ‍

In this way, the brand increases the number of discounted products and positions itself favorably in times of high demand such as Black Friday or Christmas.


Consuela has generated more than 30% of its sales with Planet, through a strategy of price discounts that builds customer loyalty and attracts new customers.

The increase in sales of the brand allows it to launch new products in its eCommerce and continue offering its customers an extensive catalog with thousands of products from the best urban brands on the market. ‍

Finally, the analysis of the performance of each of the promotions available on Planet in real time allows adjusting the promotions strategy according to the results and effectiveness of the promotion.

In this way, the brand is able to offer its customers their favorite promotions in a profitable way and continue to grow in a market with so much competition.

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An app with a lot of potential and the best customer service team, I will definitely continue using this app for my discount strategy.

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

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