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Snuggle Bugz has increased its sales with Planet's promotions.

Planet has played a key role in more than 50% of Snuggle Bugz sales.

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About Snuggle Bugz

Snuggle Bugz is a company of baby products founded in 2006 by Ben and Tanya Burmaster. After getting married and facing the challenge of becoming parents, the couple decided to create a quality baby store where new parents would feel comfortable asking questions and discovering new products.

They started with a retail store and a small office in the back of Fairview Street in Burlington. Over the years, the company has grown significantly and has an eCommerce that ships all over Canada. It has also opened six additional retail locations in Ontario and British Columbia, with two flagship stores (Burlington and Coquitlam).


The main challenge for the brand is to achieve efficient price management, including price changes and promotions.

Snuggle Bugz has more than 30,000 references in its store, of different brands, product types and prices.

The complexity of managing pricing in stores with an extensive product catalog like Snuggle Bugz is caused by:

  • Different offers: price discount or fixed price ( whole collection at $9.99).
  • Filtering of products according to tag, stock, collection, etc.
  • Different scheduling of promotions.
  • Analysis of the performance of each promotion.


To offer its customers the best promotion for each product, Snuggle Bugz has more than 100 active discounts on Planet. Differentiating according to the type and amount of discount, product, and schedule. In addition, the brand has used the tag change action to manage the grouping of its products.

The use of scheduled discounts allows to automatically return prices to their value at the end of the promotion, which is really useful for Snuggle Bugz since it frequently has active promotions in its store.

In order to know which promotions are the most effective, it is also possible to analyze the performance of each promotion, as well as the overall performance of all promotions.


Snuggle Bugz has generated 50% of its sales with the help of Planet.

Snuggle Bugz is a clear example of how an effective management of your promotions can help your brand to achieve a good positioning and to expand in the market.

Thanks to more than 100 active promotions at Planet, the company has succeeded in increasing its sales, offering its customers truly competitive prices on its products.

Review stars

The app has helped us in a major way, it allows us to set pricing and end pricing in an effective manner. This includes allowing us to schedule discounts and sales ahead of time in a much more effective way then Shopify's native Launchpad functionality. The Planet team is also extremely helpful and very accommodating .

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

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