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The Spanish footwear eCommerce Muroexe increases its sales with the help of Planet.

With Planet's promotions, the Muroexe brand has generated more than 13% of its sales.

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About Muroexe

Muroexe is a Spanish footwear eCommerce born in 2013, which stands out for being an innovative brand that combines dress and sports footwear. It also stands out for its genderless philosophy, designing shoes for everyone, free of gender stereotypes.

Its vision is to dress the new generation of creatives, entrepreneurs and young professionals between the ages of 30 and 55 who need a versatile, comfortable and aesthetic product for their daily lives.

The brand has more than 700 references in its catalog and a large online presence. Currently, it has more than 50k followers on its main social network, where it brings the brand's products and designs closer to users with very visual and creative content.


Muroexe is an eCommerce that launches punctual offers on its products. However, it works by combining different promotions to attract more customers.

The main strategy they use for their promotions is price discounting, with flash offers on special dates such as Christmas, Mid Season or last units to liquidate stock and launch new products.

However, in line with the innovation that characterizes the brand, Muroexe combines the most popular price discount promotions with other promotions, such as volume discounts when you buy more than one pair of shoes.

From Shopify, there is no possibility to create volume discounts, so, to offer these promotions the brand must use tools such as Planet.

In addition to the diversity of promotions, there is the challenge of scheduling the offers, since, as mentioned above, they are punctual promotions with an end date.


With Planet, Muroexe has the possibility to add and manage different promotions from the same platform and above all, to solve the challenge of scheduling.

All promotions can be scheduled to have a specific start and end date. At the end of promotions, changes will be automatically reverted to avoid manual errors and reduce the workload.

In this way, the brand offers its customers attractive and different discounts depending on the product or variant, which can be combined with each other to build customer loyalty and attract new customers.


Muroexe has generated more than 13% of sales with the help of Planet's promotions.

Thanks to the volume discounts created with Planet, the brand encourages its customers to buy two or more pairs of shoes instead of buying one pair to take advantage of the offer. This, combined with other offers such as the current mid-season sales, increases the brand's sales.

In addition, the metrics that are available in the platform to analyze the performance of each promotion individually, allow the brand's promotional strategy to be improved day by day, based on real-time data.

The increase in sales generated by the different promotions allows the brand to continue to grow in the market and launch new collections, reinventing itself on a daily basis and offering its customers new products on a continuous basis.

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We are very satisfied with the services of the App as with its technical support service, in our case it has given us agility and flexibility to create commercial actions that in Shopify were not possible, besides the fact that by giving the option to schedule you can even have a whole trimester already planned.

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