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How to increase your eCommerce sales

From Planet, we give you some tips to improve your users' experience and increase your eCommerce sales.


In this week's Planet blog we want to give you some tips to increase the sales of your eCommerce, which is the common goal of every eCommerce, whether it has been in the market for years or has just started.

Design an optimal product page

A good user experience is fundamental to increase your eCommerce sales.

Design your product page strategically:

  • show the most demanded categories
  • Use high quality images
  • Highlight the most important features of your products
  • Describe your products in detail

These are some recommendations to design your product page, although we must remember that knowing the users is fundamental for the strategy to work.

Another key factor is that it should be an intuitive website, so that users can find everything they need easily, and can add it to the cart quickly, with a CTA (Call To Action) that has a clear and eye-catching design.

In addition, it is imperative that the loading time of your website is less than 2 seconds, since there is a current trend to abandon websites that have a slow loading speed. Users are looking for an optimal experience in every way, and that means finding the information they are looking for immediately.

Offer gifts to expand your contacts

We talked in previous posts about the importance of email marketing, and this strategy is a very effective way to reach your customers and increase your sales. However, in order to do so, it is necessary that your contact list has a good amount of mails.

One way to expand your mailing list is to provide users with added value by subscribing and sharing their data, such as a free product trial, an ebook or a discount coupon.

Get positive reviews

Customers buy when they trust brands, and more so in the case of online stores, since they can't test the products, so increasing trust through reviews from satisfied customers is a good way to encourage users to trust the brand and the quality of the products.

Therefore, it is important that your customers leave their reviews on your eCommerce, for this, you can encourage them to do so in a simple way, and you can even offer them rewards for writing their review.

Don't forget that real reviews really matter! Avoid fake reviews and only positive comments without objective data.

Simple and secure payment process

Finally, we talk about the payment process, a key element for the user to make the final purchase or abandon your eCommerce.

The payment in your eCommerce should be simple, that is, it should be done in a few steps and require only the necessary data, in addition, you can indicate what the necessary steps will be, so the customer will know at what stage he is at every moment. Another option is to allow users to make the purchase as guests, without the need to register on the website, this will prevent your database to increase, but it will help to increase your sales, because the 2nd reason for abandonment of a shopping cart is the need to make a registration.

It is important that this process is simple, because users tend to give up the purchase if the process is difficult.

Also, the customer must be confident in your website to make the final payment of the product, so you can add to your eCommerce an SSL certificate, a security protocol that ensures users a secure transaction.

These are some tips that we recommend you to follow in your eCommerce to improve the user experience and therefore, increase your sales.

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

Boost your eCommerce Sales

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