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Email Marketing: 3 tools that will help you in your eCommerce

Learn more about email marketing and the tools you can use to implement it easily!


Do you know what is email marketing?

Today on Planet's blog we will talk about email marketing, due to its importance in the automation of tasks, which can be of great interest for your eCommerce.

We will begin by defining email marketing, which involves sending communications via email, generally for commercial purposes, to specific subscribers.

In the previous post "3 tips to optimize your ecommerce", we highlighted the importance of creating segmented email lists based on your audience's interests and buying behavior. In this article, we will deal more specifically with the topic, emphasizing and explaining three tools that will facilitate segmentation.

Why use email marketing as a strategy?

First, it is a tool that you can use by investing a small amount of money, which is an opportunity for small businesses or those with little capital. In addition, it helps you to generate a database of your subscribers, and we already know how important data are.

On the other hand, it allows companies to use email marketing as a content marketing strategy, using a new channel to expand and complement the strategy through the periodic sending of newsletters to their subscribers.

How to use email marketing?

To implement your email marketing strategy you must start by establishing your communication and business objectives, that is, know why you want to use this strategy based on the needs of your company.

After you have a clear idea of what your objectives are, establish a strategy. To do this, you must be clear about the frequency of your publications, the type of content you are going to send, your communication style, etc.

After establishing the strategy, we move on to the "creative part", which consists of creating the emails. In this case, the tools we are going to explain below come into play, which will help us to give the right shape to our emails. In this part, we take into account the typography, text size, layout, wording, etc.

Finally, we come to the part of the measuring and analysis of the results, a fundamental part to determine what we are doing right or wrong in our email marketing strategy. The most important data to take into account in email marketing metrics are the opening rate of our emails, the clicks on our CTAs, the visibility of our website and the number of emails and the frequency of sending.

What tools can I use for my email marketing strategy?

Here you have three tools that you can use in your eCommerce to implement the mailing:

1. AWeber

The first tool we present is AWeber, one of the most recognized platforms in the market for small businesses. Its email marketing software stands out for its simplicity, and through it, users can:

- Create responsive pages with customized layouts

- Create forms

- Import and manage contacts

- Send emails automatically and use auto-responders

- Analyze and measure the results with advanced statistics.

2. MailChimp

This is a tool to manage, automate and track the emails sent in your campaign.

MailChimp allows you to:

- Personalize your emails according to the type of campaign chosen and the design that best suits your brand.

- Send emails to the subscribers you choose automatically (even in a segmented way) at the moment or by scheduling them.

- Add forms to your website to get more subscribers.

- Evaluate results through numerous metrics that analyze subscriber behavior.

3. EmailOctopus

EmailOctopus is a campaign management software, which allows you to send unlimited emails through Amazon SES to the subscribers you choose. In addition, it offers customized reports, imports your contacts, uses forms, etc.

One of the advantages of using this tool is that it has numerous marketing templates for users to design their emails easily and adapting to their needs. On the other hand, the data provided is in real time which is a great advantage for its analysis.

It is a very easy to use tool because it is very intuitive and helps you to know much more complex data about your consumers.

Thanks to these tools you will be able to control your email marketing campaigns easier, have you already tried them?

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

Boost your eCommerce Sales

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