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How to build customer loyalty in eCommerce: Christmas 2022

Do you want to take advantage of the Christmas campaign to build customer loyalty in your eCommerce? In this post we show you how.


Last week we talked in our blog about how to prepare an eCommerce for Christmas 2022, with an emphasis on predictions and tips for this Christmas. In this article, we focus on building customer loyalty in eCommerce during Christmas 2022, a date when the number of sales increases considerably.

The importance of customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is essential to increase revenue in an eCommerce, in addition, during Christmas is an opportunity, since it is a very special date in which customers are guided more by emotions and it is easier to reach them.

1. Sales growth

Loyal customers repeat their purchases in your eCommerce, whether periodically or not, so, buying your products again will increase the sales of your business. In addition, they are much more profitable customers than those who purchase your products sporadically, since they are more recurrent purchases and by trusting the brand, they will also spend more money.

2. Improved brand image

If a customer is loyal to your brand, not only does it mean that they will repeat their purchase in your eCommerce, but it also means that they agree with your brand philosophy (if a customer is loyal, you are doing something right) and, therefore, they will recommend your brand to their friends and family.

A satisfied customer is the best way to make a brand known, and it will help you with word of mouth, positive reviews, increased sales, etc. In addition, nowadays, with the rise of social networks, you can also share positive content of your brand on social networks on a completely voluntary basis, which means savings in paid advertising and a very positive brand image.

3. Help to differentiate from the competitors

Customer loyalty implies that they are choosing us over the competitors, and that they will buy our products over those of other brands.

Also, knowing that a customer chooses our products and not those of our competitors, gives us information about why and helps us to continue growing as a brand to benefit our customers. Therefore, it is not enough to differentiate ourselves from our competitors; we must be very clear about the reason.

How to build customer loyalty during Christmas

Como comentábamos con anterioridad, en Navidad las emociones son la clave para la fidelización de un cliente, ya que, es lo que diferencia esta época del año. Las personas dejan los regalos de sus seres queridos en manos de tu eCommerce, y si el resultado es bueno, lo valorarán de forma muy especial.

1. Offers benefits

As we mentioned before, at Christmas, emotions are the key to customer loyalty, since it is what differentiates this time of the year. People leave gifts for their loved ones in the hands of your eCommerce, and if the result is good, they will value it in a very special way.

It is common to offer special promotions during the Christmas campaign in eCommerce, so offering exclusive benefits for loyal customers will make them feel special and above all, will make them want to take advantage of these benefits, so they will be more likely to purchase your products.

2. Take care of your customer

Christmas is a magical time and your customers will take special care of their orders because they are not usually gifts for themselves and the fear of making a mistake in an order is greater, so we must take special care of our customers by offering them benefits such as longer return times or free returns, Christmas gift ideas according to the person to whom it is addressed (gifts for mothers, gifts for siblings, gifts for invisible friends), gift-ready packaging, etc.

Gift cards and fast shipping will also help our customers to make last minute purchases in our eCommerce, so we can opt for this option to increase our sales.

3. Know your customer

At Christmas, sales increase significantly and knowing who your customer is will help you to direct the right promotions to your target according to their buying behavior, demographics, interests, etc. because there are many types of customers at Christmas.

Segmentation is key for a customer to be loyal to your eCommerce, as it will make communication with your customer more effective, catching their attention. An example of this is to use the personalization strategy to offer recommendations of products that have been added to their shopping cart but have not been purchased or products that have been previously consulted in your eCommerce. To do this, we can use tools to recover abandoned carts.

Now you know how to build customer loyalty in eCommerce during Christmas 2022! Remember that a good customer experience will make them repeat their purchase in subsequent years or in other campaigns, so pay special attention to the management of your eCommerce this Christmas.

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