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3 tools to recover abandoned carts

Discover the importance of recovering abandoned carts in your eCommerce, and find out which tools can help you.


According to a study by the Baymard Institute, a company specialized in eCommerce research, more than 70% of online shopping processes end in abandonment. Therefore, in this post, we will talk about shopping cart abandonment and the opportunity that the use of tools to help customers recover and, finally, complete the purchase process represents.

What is cart abandonment?

It consists of adding one or more products from an eCommerce to the shopping cart, and then leaving, without even initiating the purchase process. It is important to differentiate the shopping cart abandonment rate from the purchase process abandonment rate, since, in this last case, the customer has started the purchase process, but has not completed it.

Why are shopping carts abandoned in an eCommerce?

There are many reasons for this abandonment, but we will focus on the most important ones:

- Lack of the option of saving the shopping cart, which implies that the user when leaving the website, would lose the products added to his cart and would have to search for them again, an action that many users are not willing to do.

-Confusing prices, if the user believes that his order has a value and when looking at his shopping cart, he sees that the real value is higher than expected, he will tend to abandon it because he feels cheated. The price is usually increased due to high shipping or management costs

- Lack of optimization of shopping carts for mobile devices, which prevents an easy shopping process for consumers, who increasingly use their mobile devices to make online purchases. If they find it difficult to add products, view the page correctly, or the loading time is long, they will abandon their shopping cart.

Below, we discuss 3 tools that are available in Shopify that can help you recover your shopping carts, and therefore, increase sales in your eCommerce.

1. Rivo Abandoned Cart Recovery

Rivo Abandoned Cart Recovery is a tool that allows you to recover abandoned carts using email, SMS and push notifications, which will help your eCommerce to recover these sales from different channels, which you can also combine with each other.

On the other hand, this tool is easily customizable, does not require programming knowledge and sends messages automatically at the most appropriate time, backed by the analytics offered by the application (clicks on messages, orders, etc.). In addition, Rivo Abandoned allows you to customize the messages sent to users and add promotions in the shopping cart.

2. PushOwl Web Push Notifications

PushOwl Web Push Notifications tool allows the recovery of abandoned carts with automatic notifications that appear in the web browser, without the need to send an email or SMS, which means that no personal information is required.

The advantage of this application is that it allows you to recover abandoned carts from anonymous people, and that, through web notifications, your eCommerce visitors can easily become subscribers.

3. Recart: SMS & Messenger

Recart: SMS & Messenger app, created by Recart, allows you to create a list of SMS and Messenger contacts, to contact your potential customers automatically.

The innovation of this application is that it focuses on two main channels: SMS and Messenger, due to the fact that the opening rate of emails is lower and they can end up as spam. Therefore, with this tool, information will be sent by direct message to your eCommerce subscribers, to capture their attention and achieve the final conversion.

The application can send different types of messages to your subscribers, in the case of shopping cart abandonment, the message encourages them to recover it in a single click, accessing the cart again. Although, there are other messages such as "product review", in which you remind the user that they can leave a review, usually with a reward (a discount coupon, for example) or promotions, in which you send information about the discounts that the eCommerce currently has, for example, on Mother's Day or Black Friday.

It also allows you to integrate the tool with others like Klaviyo and Optimonk, to integrate email marketing to the application, in case your strategy also requires this channel.

Did you know the importance of recovering abandoned carts in your eCommerce? Now that you do, we hope you found our post on the different tools you can use to increase your sales useful.

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

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