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How to increase your sales on Shopify [2023]

We show you how to increase your eCommerce sales on Shopify.


If you are a Shopify merchant and you want to increase your eCommerce sales during 2023, keep reading, because this week on the Planet's blog we tell you how to increase your turnover in your Shopify store.

Remember, you can access information about your sales in the Shopify sales report, to monitor specific data on sales, returns, gift card purchases, etc., to see how your store is performing and to detect potential problems to be solved.

If you want to analyze in detail the sales of your products and variants, in Planet you have access to the sales data of your products through the sales table, which will be really useful to analyze the results of your discounts and plan your sales strategy based on the stock, rotation and efficiency of your products, among others.

Sales table
Planet's Sales table

Increase your store sales on Shopify

Now that you know how to analyze your sales on Shopify, we'll give you some tips to increase your sales.

Turn your customers into prescribers

E-commerce continues to grow, which means that our competition is also growing, so we must establish well-defined strategies in order to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

To increase the sales of an eCommerce, in addition to building customer loyalty, we must acquire new customers to increase the turnover in our store. One option for this would be to turn our customers into prescribers, that is, satisfied customers who recommend buying in an eCommerce to their friends, family or even through online reviews to have a greater reach.

With the recommendation of your customers, the acquisition of new customers will increase, since, when a user enters for the first time in an eCommerce, he will be able to read real comments about the brand, its products or services, which will generate confidence in case the recommendation is not given by an acquaintance.

For this, Shopify has multiple Apps to add customer reviews to your eCommerce, in our article "3 tools for eCommerce reviews" we recommend three Shopify apps that will help you to implement customer comments and reviews to the products in your store.

Now, keep in mind that for your customers to leave positive comments on your eCommerce, you must take care of the shopping experience to make it satisfactory. There are multiple factors that will help improve the shopping experience of your customers, the most common are:

  • Good customer service
  • Adequate and accurate product information
  • Optimal speed
  • Fast and economical shipping
  • Good returns management service
  • Secure payment gateway
  • Easy purchase process

Manage these factors in your eCommerce so that your customers are happy with their shopping experience and become prescribers of your brand. Remember that you can use the email marketing strategy so that they do not forget to leave a review after making their purchase.

Offer discounts and promotions

People are more likely to spend more in a store that uses the discount strategy because, seeing how much money they are saving, they buy impulsively to take advantage of the offer.

If you are looking to increase your eCommerce sales, you can offer discounts on your products by changing the prices and using the "price compare" or "price crossed out" to show users how much money they save by shopping at your eCommerce.

Stores use discounts on their products on specific dates such as Black Friday or the January sales when it is essential to lower your prices to face the competition. However, using the discount strategy on a regular basis throughout the year will be the key to increase sales of your products continuously and not exclusively in promotional events. In this case, communication about when and what the offers will be will be fundamental to the success of the strategy.

The options for discount strategies are very varied, so you can choose which one best suits your eCommerce, for example, if you have a fashion store and you have a lot of stock of some of your product variants, you can create specific discounts for the less sold variants. In our article "Everything you need to know about Shopify discounts" we explain the advantages of this strategy and how to overcome Shopify's limitations with Planet.

Try these tips to increase your Shopify sales this 2023!

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

Boost your eCommerce Sales

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