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Everything you need to know about Shopify discounts

Learn the importance of implementing discounts in Shopify for your eCommerce.


Have you ever questioned whether you should offer discounts on your eCommerce? Here's why you should start implementing a discount promotion strategy on Shopify.

Attracts more customers

The first step you should know is that using discounts, either through coupons or direct discounts, is a good way to attract more customers. Of course, you must first take into account the profit margin of your company, to adjust the discount to the needs of your eCommerce.

In addition, when discounting, there must be a balance between promotional periods and periods with products that maintain their original price, so that users do not refuse to purchase a product for not having an additional discount, in the case of accessing the eCommerce in a period without established sales.  

Increase your eCommerce traffic

The offers or discounts, as we have mentioned, are a way of attracting new customers, so offering these advantages to users will also mean that the traffic to your eCommerce will increase exponentially.

Even though traffic does not imply conversion, it is essential to keep in mind that it will also help us to position our website, make us known, achieve a database to execute our marketing strategy, etc. In addition, if the discounts you offer in your eCommerce are attractive, you will be able to convert this traffic into conversions, whether immediate or future.

Build customer loyalty

Rewarding your customers for their loyalty through discounts in your eCommerce will let them know that you appreciate their trust in your products. In addition, this way they will feel "indebted" for having received a benefit for their trust in your eCommerce and will be more willing to repeat their purchase.

It is important that you continue offering discounts to your customers, without focusing solely on discounts to acquire new customers, because, in this way, in addition to using discounts to attract potential customers, you will keep loyal customers.

Increase your sales

Making offers or discounts in your eCommerce will motivate customers to order more or purchase more products in the same order, positioning you above your competition and increasing your sales.

If you have a low number of sales, you can increase them through specific discounts to achieve your business objectives.

On the other hand, Shopify offers the possibility to generate from its platform discount coupons for your customers or automatic discounts that will be applied during checkout, in the shopping cart. However, if you are looking for automated discounts that will be visible directly from the product page, you can use Planet.

Using Planet, you will be able to make discounts on Shopify without having to worry about the limitations of automatic discount codes and discounts on Shopify, which we see below.

Simultaneous discounts on Shopify

The Shopify platform does not allow simultaneous discounts, which means that only one discount per order is possible, which is a problem both for the customer himself, who must choose which discount he prefers to apply, and for the Shopify eCommerce owners.

In this case, price changes with Planet, allow you to apply discounts directly to Shopify eCommerce products, so, different discounts, cart discounts and discount codes can be combined, offering more possibilities for the business strategy.

A single automatic discount active

In the case of opting for automatic discounts, instead of discount codes, you should know that Shopify only allows the option of having an active automatic discount.

With Planet's free plan, you can keep 2 business rules with the discount action active at the same time, which will be unlimited in the case of a paid plan.

In addition, you can combine these automatic discounts with discount codes for free shipping, student discount, new customer discount, etc.

Variant discount

When you make a discount in Shopify, you can select the products or collections that the discount will affect, however, the selection is made per product, not per product variable. This implies that discounts cannot be made based on color, size, etc.

In the case of discounts in Shopify using the Planet app, you can select the products and their variants, so discounts can be made in a more specific way.

The variant discount can be especially useful for you to offer higher discounts for the product variants that sell the least, for example, put on promotion the color of sweatshirt that has sold the least in your eCommerce, in order to increase your sales and renew your stock.

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

Boost your eCommerce Sales

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