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3 tools for eCommerce reviews

Learn about the importance of showing customer reviews in your eCommerce and which three tools could help you.


This week on the Planet blog we will explore in depth a topic that we have already covered briefly in previous articles, the importance of customer reviews and opinions in an eCommerce and, in addition, we will explain which tools can help you implement this feature on your website.

There are different types of reviews, with ratings, written or multimedia with videos, images or even audios, although the purpose is always the same, to give feedback on a product or service.

Why are positive reviews so important for your eCommerce?

According to a study by PeopleClaim, 70% of users consult reviews or evaluations of an eCommerce or product before making an online purchase.

Users who buy in an online business can not see your products physically, so the reviews of other customers give them confidence, both the quality of the product they are going to buy and the reliability of your eCommerce, delivery times, quality of service, etc. so it is important to achieve positive reviews that encourage users to buy in your eCommerce.

Knowing a positive opinion of a person outside an eCommerce generates value to users and increases the predisposition to purchase a product, since it assumes that these positive reviews from real people show that your brand is committed to its customers, is of quality and they can trust it.

What to do when we receive negative reviews?

The credibility of your reviews will increase when there are negative reviews because it is proof that the reviews are real. Although no one likes to receive negative reviews, we should take advantage of them, both to learn what we are doing wrong as an eCommerce, and to show that we are engaging with our customers and their opinion matters.

It is always important that we reply carefully to these reviews, thanking them for their feedback and promising to improve the negative aspect it captures. In addition, the disgruntled customer can be encouraged to contact you to provide a solution to their problem.

As we can see, customer reviews are essential in your eCommerce, so here are three tools that will help you manage them and implement this option on your website.


This tool allows you to get reviews automatically via email. In addition, you can add the reviews as you are more interested in your eCommerce, written, with videos and with photos.

You have the option to display Google reviews directly in the search engine, to display them on your website, on Facebook, etc. In addition, you can customize the way the reviews appear on your website, either in a carousel, with a verified seal or on a full page. verified reviews

2. Ali Reviews

This all-in-one review tool, suitable for all types of eCommerce, allows you to quickly get reviews of products, photos on Aliexpress or CSV files.

The innovation of this application is the possibility to add attractive backgrounds and customizable elements (such as text boxes) to your reviews to attract users' attention. It also allows you to easily share user feedback on your social networks and respond to reviews to generate interaction with your customers.

3. Yotpo Reviews

This tool for generating reviews and ratings by email or directly on the website, allows you to collect reviews of products or websites, through star ratings and photos.

Reviews can be displayed on any page of your website, and Analytics can be implemented to monitor your review metrics and make the best decisions for your eCommerce.

In addition, Yotpo has a dashboard from which you can observe all your customer content generated from this tool and control it manually or automated.

Haven't you included customer reviews in your eCommerce yet? Now you know how important they are to build trust in your business and increase sales.

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

Boost your eCommerce Sales

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