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Why Do Online Merchants Need AI Search?

AI search is rising, but how does it firm up your online business from the bottom line? Here are seven reasons why it's superior.



Online merchants are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance the shopping experience for their customers. AI search algorithms have become an indispensable tool for digital retailers, enabling them to provide highly relevant and personalized search results to customers. 

This article delves into why online merchants need AI search and how it revolutionizes customers’ interactions with online stores. From improved relevance and enhanced personalization to advanced analytics and conversion rate optimization, the benefits of AI search are profound and far-reaching for eCommerce. Let's explore the transformative role of AI search in the eCommerce landscape.

How Does AI Search Benefit Your Online Business?  

Online merchants use AI search to enhance their customers' shopping experience and improve their business outcomes. Here are several reasons why online merchants find AI search beneficial:

Improved Relevance

AI-powered search algorithms can understand customer intent and deliver highly relevant search results. By analyzing various data points, such as previous customer behavior, purchase history, and product attributes, AI search can present the most appropriate products to users. As a result, the chances of conversions increase.

Enhanced Personalization

AI search enables online merchants to provide personalized recommendations based on individual preferences and browsing history. By leveraging machine learning techniques, AI search systems can understand customer preferences and suggest relevant products, increasing customer satisfaction and sales.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

AI search can understand and process natural language queries, enabling customers to search for products using various words and phrases. This capability improves the user experience by reducing the need for customers to use specific keywords or navigate complex filtering options.

AI search systems often employ autocomplete and spell correction features. These functionalities assist customers in finding products quickly by suggesting relevant search terms or correcting spelling errors. It saves time for customers and reduces the likelihood of receiving zero search results.

Merchandising Optimization

AI search can help merchants optimize their product merchandising strategies. By analyzing customer behavior and search patterns, AI search systems can provide insights into which products are in high demand, identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities, and help merchants prioritize their product offerings.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

AI search can contribute to increasing the conversion rate of online stores. By providing a more intuitive and personalized shopping experience, customers are more likely to find the products they want and make a purchase. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction, repeat purchases, and, ultimately, higher revenue for the merchant.

Analytics and Insights

AI search systems generate valuable insights about customer behavior, search patterns, and product performance. Merchants can leverage these insights to make data-driven decisions, optimize product offerings, improve marketing campaigns, and enhance overall business strategies.

Start Bringing AI Search To Your Online Store 

Providing your shoppers with the finest possible search results is key to setting your store up for success. Start thinking about taking advantage of AI search while retaining the flexibility to control and tailor the search experience to reach your business goals. Let's walk through some AI-powered search features  and check if you are among the pioneers who apply this tool to get ahead in the game. 

AI Synonyms 

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The traditional synonyms feature enables merchants to arrange phrases with similar meanings so shoppers can achieve the same results. AI-powered auto-synonym recognition and suggestions have elevated this fantastic tool to the next level. The AI search engine  looks for patterns and relationships between words  to recommend alternative ones with similar meanings.

Typo Tolerance 

Typo tolerance is no longer something new in  eCommerce search. For a long time, store owners have been using it to recognize and fix various typing errors made by customers, reducing "no results" occurrences. Now, AI/ML will aid in continuously updating typo tolerance algorithms without the need for human interaction.

To deal with errors, the enhanced typo tolerance employs various methods including swapping close letters, missing or adding letters, and substituting similar-looking characters. It also makes it easier for people with disabilities or those using non-standard keyboards to access information.

Typo tolerance lessens the frustration caused by minor typing errors. Customers who type the wrong keywords will not have to retry their searches to get relevant results. As a result, it saves your customers time and effort.

Product Recommendations 

Product recommendation tactics are methods for recommending appropriate products to visitors to your online store. They intend to drive personalization by anticipating what shoppers will be interested in at various phases of their trip. These predictions are produced using algorithms, product data, and consumer data to automatically or manually present relevant products.

The primary advantage of product recommendations is that they have been shown to boost average order value (AOV) and drive sales. Studies show you can have a 5x greater per-visit spend if done correctly. 

Nine West

Suggesting similar things is a great way to upsell and increase your AOV. You must demonstrate that the more expensive product is superior and worth more money. These items should be popular with other consumers. This can be shown with star ratings or hot-selling badges. Similar goods will be discovered automatically with AI/ML. This means you'll get relevant and high-converting recommendations.

Get Ready To Give AI Search A Try

Customers want intuitive user experiences; your search engine must meet those expectations. AI Search is sharpening search technologies that could be the key to staying ahead of the competition. It's time to unleash the power of AI/ML to address critical customer touchpoints and drive more sales. 

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

Boost your eCommerce Sales

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