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Top eCommerce trends for Black Friday 2022

Want to know what eCommerce trends you can take advantage of during Black Friday 2022?


As we have mentioned in previous articles, November 25th is the big eCommerce event of the year: Black Friday. During this event, sales in physical stores and eCommerce increase substantially due to the numerous offers. Therefore, we must take into account which trends can help us to take advantage of this increase in sales through the price promotion strategy characteristic of this date.

In addition, first of all, it is important to know that, during Black Friday 2022, it is expected that the best-selling products, according to data from Black Friday Spain, will be those belonging to the categories of technology, clothing, sports and smartphones.  

On the other hand, analyzing the trends in previous years of Black Friday, we can intuit that in Black Friday 2022, the offers will be more numerous and will have a longer duration, something that has been increasing in recent years, even keeping the Black Friday offers for more than a week. Also, many of the purchases are made through mobile devices, so it is important to keep our eCommerce optimized.

Below, we will see other trends that will leave us this Black Friday 2022 and that you should know if you have an eCommerce.

Importance of Chatbots on your website

This growing trend in eCommerce will be especially useful during Black Friday, since the increase in the number of orders also means an increase in customers with their respective doubts, so by including a customer service bot on your website, you can automatically answer the most frequently asked questions.

The customer experience is essential for customers to choose your products over the competition and, during Black Friday, it is especially important, the speed of response, because if we delay in resolving any problems or doubts, the offers may be finalized.

Growth of eCommerce sales

eCommerce has grown in importance in society in recent years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced people to resort to this method of purchasing to be able to buy certain products during confinement.

For this reason, many of the businesses that used to have physical stores have started to sell their products online, causing an expansion of eCommerce, based on the needs of consumers.

This Black Friday, eCommerce is going to be the protagonist, so prepare your website in advance as we show you in our article "How to prepare your eCommerce for Black Friday 2022", cause the competence will also be higher.

Variety and payment flexibility

In recent years, customer experience, as mentioned above, has become increasingly important. eCommerce seeks to retain customers by improving their experience during the purchase process, which involves from the first step to the last step of this process.

Of course, there are different ways to improve the eCommerce user experience, but for this Black Friday, in addition to customer service, we highlight the one related to the product payment process.

For users to positively value the payment process, it is essential to highlight the security and ease when paying for a product, but, in addition, during Black Friday, we must offer our customers the possibility of paying through different methods so that they can find their preferred method and do not decide to leave our website. For example, one of the payment methods that has been recently added is Bizum, as it is a safer and easier method to use on mobile devices.

On the other hand, being an event in which users buy more expensive products, waiting for this occasion to enjoy better deals on higher priced products, we can offer an installment or flexible payment, thus achieving a great competitive advantage over our competition and, being at the height of large surfaces that offer such possibilities as a claim.

Trend towards sustainability

Consumers attach increasing importance to commitment to the environment, so sustainable products will be positively valued during this event.

Sustainability is a war that has been fought for years in the world of commerce, but it is true that it has been gaining more weight this 2022, when the commitment of eCommerce to avoid plastics and use more recycled materials, especially for packaging, has been joined by the search for more sustainable transportation, such as electric vehicles.

There are also different business models that promote sustainability and environmental commitment that will be present during this event, such as the sale of second-hand or reconditioned products.

If your eCommerce is committed to the planet, it is important that your consumers know it, since it will be a positive factor for them to purchase your products over those of your competitors.

Now that you know some of this year's eCommerce trends, take advantage of them this Black Friday 2022.

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