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How to prepare your eCommerce for Black Friday 2022

We show you how to prepare your eCommerce to increase your Black Friday sales in 2022


This week we talk about how to prepare your eCommerce for this Black Friday, which will be on November 25, 2022, because, being such a prominent day, as far as online commerce is concerned, we must anticipate to get the best out of our eCommerce.

So, if you manage an eCommerce, mark this date on the calendar, because Black Friday is one of the most important events of the year in eCommerce, reaching to be billed only on this day, more than 25% of annual revenue. In the case of electronics and home appliances, the figure climbed in 2021 to 34%, while in fashion and accessories, Black Friday sales accounted for 32% of annual revenue in Spain.

In 2022, according to Black Friday Spain, the most popular categories will be technology, clothing, sports and smartphones, although sales on this day increase  in all categories.

Before showing you some tips to increase your sales in this Black Friday 2022, you should know that this celebration has its origin in United States, but over the years it is celebrated in almost all over the world, and that the duration of the discounts and promotions of Black Friday has been increasing, so that Black Friday sometimes lasts some days or even the whole week.

Now, we leave you some tips to prepare your eCommerce this Black Friday 2022.

1. Optimize your site

As we have mentioned, Black Friday is such an important day or event for online commerce, which will significantly increase your eCommerce traffic and sales, so you should have your website ready for it.

It is essential that you check that your website is working properly, paying special attention to the payment process, which must be operational and not cause problems to users, and to the loading speed, since it is a day in which customers make numerous purchases in a short time and in different eCommerces. In the case of not having a satisfactory user experience in your eCommerce, users will look for products that meet their needs in an optimized eCommerce and with a better service.

2. Promote your marketing strategy

Take advantage of Black Friday to launch exclusive discounts and promotions, as the feeling of shortage will drive your customers to buy the products at that moment. To do so, you can use our app Planet, which will help you to schedule and automate your discounts, saving you the workload of managing discounts one by one and allowing your customers to see the final price directly on the product page.

In addition, it is recommended to promote the offers on social networks or through email marketing, at least one week before, since, during this day, demand increases, but also the offer of your competitors. Your customers should know that during Black Friday you will make special offers, because, although most stores celebrate this holiday, not all of them do, or there are no specific offers established.

A good option is to take advantage of the moment to make a content strategy in your eCommerce social networks in which you announce your best offers. Also, if you have a low number of followers, you can choose to promote your content through Facebook Ads.

Within the marketing strategy, you can include different actions that will make you achieve success and make your eCommerce stand out from the rest, such as offering wider returns, faster or cheaper shipments, sending emails to former customers, offering exclusive discount codes to customers, etc.

3. Prepare the stock

Currently, we are experiencing a shortage of supplies that can make this Black Friday the lack of stock limit your sales, so it is important to anticipate sales and have prepared in advance the necessary resources for that date.

In case your sales strategy includes dropshipping, you should contact your supplier to verify that they have the necessary stock for the expected sales.

4. Manage orders efficiently

Keep in mind that increasing sales also requires an efficient team that knows how to manage orders and answer questions or possible problems that your customers may have when purchasing a product.

At this time your sales team has to be prepared to deal with the workflow that comes with an exponential increase in sales, so you can rely on technological tools such as Planet, to help you automate processes and free up manual work, or hire more staff temporarily.

Therefore, as we have seen, the most important thing is to be prepared for the increase in sales that this date represents and encourage customers to buy your products with claims like offers and promotions.

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

Boost your eCommerce Sales

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