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How to apply discounts in Shopify step by step: "Amount off order"

Learn how to make "amount off order" discounts in Shopify step by step.


In our previous article, we talked about how to apply amount off products discounts in Shopify step by step, so this week we talk about how to apply the other type of discount amount that Shopify allows, the amount off order discount.

Want to know how to apply this discount on Shopify step by step? In this article we show you.

1. Create the discount of type "amount off order"

As in the previous case, the first step to create the discount is to access the Shopify control center and select the "Discounts" section from the sidebar.

Once inside the discounts section, we must click on the "create discount" button, located at the top right, as shown below.

Create discount in Shopify

Then, we will select the type of discount we want, in this case, the discount type is "amount off order", which is the second one in the list, and the only order discount available.

Discount Type Shopify

2. Configure the method

There are two types of discount in Shopify in general, discount code discounts and automatic discounts, the choice of discount method will be made based on the needs and preferences we have for our eCommerce.

In the case that the chosen method is discount code, we must create the code that customers must enter to use the discount, which can be random, writing a blank text, and giving it to "generate", or the one we want, writing the text without giving it to "generate".

Discount code Shopify

To set up the automatic discount, type the title of the discount in the blank space, with a limit of 255 characters.

Automatic discount Shopify

3. Set the value of your discount

The discount value can be set as a percentage (%) or as a fixed amount (€), by typing in the blank space the percentage or the amount of discount per order.

4. Configure the minimum purchase requirements

There are three possibilities for setting the minimum purchase requirements required for the Shopify order discount:

  • No minimum requirements
  • Minimum purchase amount
  • Minimum quantity of items

The discount is applied to the order, so the minimum purchase and item amount is the total order.

5. Set customer eligibility

We must choose which customers will be able to enjoy the order discount in our eCommerce. The 3 options offered by Shopify are:

  • All customers
  • Specific customer segments
  • Specific customers
Customer Eligibillity Shopify

As we explained in previous articles, customer segments are created within the "Customers" page in the Shopify dashboard.

6. Select the maximum discount uses

This discount will be per order, however, we may limit its use on a total number, meaning that this discount may not be used on more than 100 total orders, or we may limit its use to once per customer.

If we do not want to limit our Shopify order discount, both boxes will be unchecked, and if we want to limit the discount to one use per customer and a number of times in total, both boxes will be checked.

Discount uses Shopify

7. Set the discount duration

The discount active date section, is the duration that this discount will have on our Shopify eCommerce, and will be set by exact date and time.

The start date and time will be required in any case, and if not specified, it will be set automatically when the discount is created. The end date is optional, in case we do not want to limit the duration of the discount.

Discount time Shopify

Remember that you can see a summary of the main settings of your discount at the bottom of the screen, before saving the discount. In addition, your performance data will be available on the "Discounts" page.

If you want to learn more about how to use Planet to automate and manage discounts, watch the video below detailing Planet's features. You can also enjoy a 14-day free trial by downloading our app on Shopify.

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