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Best Shopify apps for Black Friday 2022

Get ready for this Black Friday 2022 with the best apps for eCommerce.


In our previous article, we talked about the importance of Black Friday in eCommerce, and we left you some tips to deal with this day in the most appropriate way, optimizing your eCommerce to achieve an increase in sales (you can visit it by clicking here). However, this time we go further, and we bring you some recommendations of Shopify apps that will help you manage your eCommerce this Black Friday.

Back In Stock: Customer Alerts

Having stock is vital to be able to manage the increase in sales on Black Friday, therefore, as we explained in our previous article, we must foresee what our sales will be during this event and prepare the necessary stock.

In the event that your promotions during Black Friday have a duration of more than one day, and you have planned a restock, you can opt for the use of this application to alert your users that a product is available again, this way, you will not lose the opportunity to make a sale due to lack of stock.

Back In Stock will also help you to know which are the most demanded products by your customers, that is to say, those in which users are most interested in receiving a restocking notice. In addition, by sending alerts to potential customers who leave their contact information, you can build a mailing list of potential customers, which will be really useful in the future.

Klaviyo: Email Marketing & SMS

This is an email marketing application that allows you to automate and personalize the sending of communications to users, which is essential for Black Friday, since, in order for users to access your eCommerce during the event, they must know that exclusive discounts will be applied.

You can take advantage of this application to send communications to your customers, announcing exclusive offers during Black Friday, at least one week before November 25th. Or even automate the sending of communications to recover shopping carts, or to users who have not completed the payment.

Klaviyo also allows you to create personalized customer segments, based on their purchase behavior, such as their purchase history, so you can adjust your campaign to specific segments and achieve more conversions, going beyond generic Black Friday emails.

Planet - Discount Automation

Planet is an application that allows you to schedule, monitor and manage discounts automatically, so if, like most brands, you are looking to offer discounts and exclusive promotions during Black Friday, this application can greatly simplify your work by setting a specific start and end date for the discounts on the products you select.

On the other hand, by being able to make price changes in advance, you will not have to be aware of having to change them manually that same day, which will allow you to use your time to manage possible problems or unforeseen events, and in addition, the price change will already be shown on the product page, which will make it easier for your customers to obtain a discounted product, being able to skip the step of "apply discount code", or even combining both methods.

You can apply the discounts in a segmented way, for example, using the "tags" action to classify the products with the "Black Friday" tag, and in this way, apply the discount you are most interested in easily and even edit it in case of changing the offers. In addition, discounts can be new price, percentage and fixed, to adapt to the strategy of your eCommerce.

Boost AI Search & Discovery

Boost AI Search & Discovery is a complete suite of product search and discovery with a commitment to creating the best possible tool to meet help merchants and partners generate more revenue with less effort. This app put the next leg in driving the mission of giving online business owners superpowers to control what shoppers see and what they don’t: 

  • AI-Powered Search improves your customers' search experience by providing relevant results that fulfill their search intent instantly. No matter what customers type, they’ll find what they are looking for.
  • Product Recommendation covers the Homepage, Collection page, Product page, & Cart page and includes the top 8 popular recommendation types with Machine learning (ML) algorithms in the background. They give customers more of what they love by creatively engaging them with multiple smart recommendation types that cover every important touch-point.
  • Visual Merchandising allows online merchants to modify the results of all keywords and the product display order on a particular collection page.
  • Advanced Analytics is upgraded in the number of analytics metrics for better planning and decision-making with 365-day data.
  • Product Filtering tailors Shopify filter trees on any collections and result pages with powerful filters by tags, meta fields, and so on.

Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0

This application allows you to implement a timer to your Shopify eCommerce, customizing it to suit your brand and style. This way, you can warn users about the start of Black Friday deals, which depending on the eCommerce have a different duration.

In addition, it will help you show your customers that you are going to offer exclusive discounts on Black Friday (not all eCommerce do this), which increases the feeling of shortage, and therefore, generates an increase in sales during this period for fear of losing the opportunity to purchase a product at a lower price.

Okendo: Product Reviews & UGC

This application allows you to display customer reviews in your eCommerce, something that is essential for customers to trust the quality of our services and products. During Black Friday, offers increase, but customers do not trust just anyone, since it is true that there are many scams through e-commerce, so if you manage to generate credibility in your eCommerce your sales will increase.

PushOwl Web Push Notifications

This application allows you to recover abandoned carts with automatic notifications, these notifications appear in the web browser directly and without requiring personal information, so you can combine it with Klaviyo and reach both registered users in your database and anonymous users. In addition, through web notifications, your eCommerce visitors can easily become subscribers.

Any application that allows you to capture the attention of your potential customers is essential in an eCommerce, however, its importance increases during Black Friday, since the number of visitors to your website will be much higher.


Preparing your eCommerce for Black Friday involves taking care of customer service management, since the increase in orders also translates into an increase in questions and problems. During Black Friday, we must be very attentive to the operation of our eCommerce and our customers, to achieve a good user experience.

For this, we can use Zendesk, a tool that includes numerous functionalities, such as the creation and management of customer tickets from a centralized control panel, reports, analysis, customized knowledge base, so that customers can easily access the information they want, and real-time messaging and chat from the website, which will be the feature we are most interested in for this Black Friday.

Zendesk integrates the different channels from which the customer can contact (social networks, email, phone, website, etc.) to facilitate the conversation with users, and allowing to easily respond to messages coming from multiple channels, which will facilitate our work in the face of multiple demands.

These are some of our recommended Shopify apps, we hope they will help you to prepare your eCommerce for Black Friday 2022 and use the opportunity to increase sales during this worldwide event.

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

Boost your eCommerce Sales

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