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Best Free Shopify Apps for Black Friday

Learn which totally free Shopify Apps will help you during Black Friday 2022.


In previous articles of our blog, we talked about the importance of Black Friday in eCommerce and the commercial opportunity that this event represents due to the increase of online shopping. In this case, we focus on which Shopify Apps (in the case of having an eCommerce within this platform), we can use for free to optimize the management of our eCommerce during Black Friday 2022.

1. Apps for shipments, deliveries and returns.

During Black Friday, if your sales strategy has been efficient, your number of orders will increase exponentially, so it is important to have tools that facilitate the management of your orders, from the contact with transport companies to the possible delivery points, subsequent returns, price list, etc.

In Shopify, there are some free Apps that will help you manage the different steps of the process:

Easyship ‑ All in One Shipping


This App, as its name suggests, stands out for being an all-in-one order management platform, since it offers a wide range of solutions:

  1. Discounts on the rates of the main transportation companies.
  2. Multiple shipping options.
  3. Customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  4. Generation of shipping or return labels.
  5. Detailed information on actual transportation costs, including customs and duties.
  6. Sending information to users about the status of their order.

Free Shipping Bar


This App allows you to add to your eCommerce a notification bar that displays the most relevant shipping information, such as price, minimum purchase to get the order for free, a free shipping offer for a limited time, etc.

The advantage of this App is that your customers will see the shipping details at all times, without having to access the shopping cart or checkout process, so it is a way to improve the user experience and reduce abandoned carts.

2. Customer Service Apps

To manage all the possible doubts that arise due to the increase in sales and number of customers, we can use tools to automate and improve customer service and, therefore, the user experience of our eCommerce.

Tidio - Live Chat & Chatbots

This App allows you to implement in your eCommerce a live chat with chatbots and marketing automations (recover abandoned carts, product availability, etc.).

Tidio stands out for unifying all communications received by users in a single inbox, thus becoming more efficient in responding to user messages and avoiding losing customers due to a bad user experience. In addition, by adding chatbots to your eCommerce available 24 hours a day, you will be able to manage Black Friday more easily and save work in the customer service process.


Live Chat, Help Center, Helpdesk


This UpperCommerce App allows us to improve customer service, joining different solutions: FAQ page, helpcenter, live chat service, CRM, Messenger, WhatsApp and Tracking.

In addition, this App stands out for being very intuitive and easy to use for users, which will allow you to improve your users' experience quickly and with a professional result, thanks to the use of pre-designed templates.

3. Apps to improve conversion

Converting potential customers into final customers is one of the biggest challenges of Black Friday, therefore, the use of tools to improve conversion will help us to increase our number of orders during this event.

Keeper—Recover Abandoned Carts

Keeper is an App to recover abandoned carts, making it easier for customers to shop from different devices. Thanks to this App, users will be able to find the products they had added to their cart easily, which is especially useful when customers switch from mobile devices to computers or vice versa, a very common practice in online shopping.


In addition, during Black Friday, due to the high number of deals on different eCommerce sites, saving the shopping cart will help customers who move from one website to another frequently, looking for the best deals.

Sales Countdown Timer Bar 2.0

We cannot overlook this App, which we already talked about in our post "Best Shopify Apps for Black Friday 2022", since, it is a totally free App that implements a counter inside your website, showing how much is left for the Black Friday deals to start or end, and promoting the famous scarcity principle that will lead users to purchase our products.


This counter will also be useful for other occasions, such as seasonal sales, special events, etc. Above all, its function is to inform customers that there will be an exclusive offer with a limited duration, since not all eCommerce launch offers during Black Friday, for example (although most of them do).

Try these free Shopify Apps to increase your eCommerce sales and improve your users' experience to keep them coming back to your eCommerce. Remember that at Planet, we have a free plan that will help you save work this Black Friday, with the automation and scheduling of all your discounts.

Try our Shopify App and start preparing your eCommerce for Black Friday now!

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

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