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5 simple ways to build customer trust

5 ways to easily build customer loyalty in your eCommerce to increase your sales.


In this article of Planet's blog we will talk about how to build customer loyalty in an eCommerce, turning new customers into recurring customers and prescribers of our business.

You are probably looking to increase the sales and turnover of your eCommerce, so, before we go into detail on how to do it, we will tell you a secret, and that is that, when you are looking to increase conversions in your eCommerce, you should keep in mind that it is important to focus your management both in acquiring customers, as well as in building customer loyalty.

In fact, it is estimated that selling to a new customer has a success rate of between 5%- 20%, compared to the 60-70% success rate of selling to customers who have previously purchased from our eCommerce. Therefore, building trust and achieving customer loyalty is the most appropriate option to increase sales.

5 Tips to build customer loyalty

Here are the main ways to build customer loyalty in eCommerce.

1. Use loyalty programs

On previous occasions, we talked about the importance of offering exclusive benefits to recurring customers, emphasizing the use of loyalty programs.

Your customers will come back to your eCommerce if they feel they are getting a benefit from this purchase, such as exclusive discounts, faster shipping or early access to new products.

The options are very diverse in the case of the use of loyalty programs, although it is always advisable to offer purchase benefits by accumulating points after the completion of several orders or a minimum expenditure. In this way, we encourage customers to buy more to save more.

How to build customer loyalty in eCommerce: Christmas 2022

2. Keep your promises

It is important that your customers trust you, so transparency in your business will be the key to customer loyalty.

To do this, you must show your products as they are, be realistic with shipping times and return policies, etc.

If your customer sees that you have free shipping in your eCommerce and when placing the order shipping costs are added, he will stop trusting and will feel cheated, so it is unlikely that he will return to your eCommerce in the future or recommend it.

Therefore, take care of how you sell your product and services so that they are as close to reality as possible.

3. Care about user experience

For a customer to make a repeat purchase, the most important thing is that they are happy with their entire shopping experience, from the information search process to the post-purchase process.

To take care of your users' experience you must know them, know what their priorities are, what they are looking for in your eCommerce and how they are looking for it. In this way, you will be able to focus the experience to their needs.

For example, if you see that your customers prioritize their time and value a quick checkout process, you can choose to add a quick checkout option to your eCommerce. If security is their main concern, offer guarantees that your payment process is secure.

Remember that everything influences the shopping experience, so having good customer service can help you understand what your customers are missing and make the purchase successful.

4. Offers promotions to loyal customers

Usually, discounts or promotions are the preferred advantages of users, since the benefit has an impact on the price of the product, so it is a direct saving that they value more. In addition, it can be cumulative to the benefits of the loyalty program.

The important thing about this strategy is to offer promotions or discounts exclusively to loyal customers, to reward their trust and encourage them to repeat their purchase in the future, of course, taking into account the profit margin that our company has at the time of making the discounts.

5. Establish relationships with your customers

Find out which channel is your customers' favorite and reach out to them. It is important to know how to communicate with your customers and have a space where your customers can express themselves.

It is as important to listen to them as it is to respond to their comments, so that they see that your brand is committed to its customers and values their opinions.

Personalized messages or special gifts to your best customers will make the difference to establish a good relationship.

Generate trust in your customers and increase your sales at a reduced price, without making a large investment in customer acquisition.

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

Boost your eCommerce Sales

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