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5 personalization strategies to improve users experience

Learn 5 personalization strategies that will help you improve the user experience of your eCommerce.


We have already talked in previous articles about the importance of taking care of our customers to improve their shopping experience in our eCommerce and achieve, therefore, that they repeat their purchase and value our eCommerce in a positive way.

This time, we tell you 5 strategies to improve the user experience of your eCommerce and avoid product returns, according to the latest eBook of the company Retail Rocket.

Today, is essential that your customer does not feel like just another number, so there is a growing trend to personalize communications, a strategy that we discussed in our article about eCommerce optimization.

Que tu cliente no se sienta un número más es fundamental hoy en día, por eso, existe una tendencia en alza a la personalización de las comunicaciones, una estrategia que comentábamos en nuestro artículo sobre la optimización del eCommerce.

In that article, we alluded to the importance of segmenting the audience to achieve communications that are more tailored to their own interests, as well as personalizing communications of recommended products based on their purchasing behavior. In this case, we talk about the importance of personalization in a more general way.

Personalization of time and channels

To establish this personalization of communications with your customers, we focus on the personalization of times and channels, where Artificial Intelligence can be used, a technology that allows us to know our users in depth, retrieving and analyzing useful information to build a user profile.

Thanks to the construction of this user profile, we will be able to segment and automate mailings based on their user experience.

If users are more active in the morning, communications will be sent at this time, as will the channels, which will be analyzed to communicate with customers in the most efficient way possible and respecting their preferences.

Technological development allows us to employ artificial intelligence to improve the user experience in our eCommerce, as well as to automate the processes of sending communications in different channels and times to segmented users.

Size personalization

This section is useful in fashion or accessories eCommerce, and consists of providing users with a size recommendation based on their previous orders, thus avoiding returns, or to choose other eCommerce with free return service to change size.

Content personalization

As for content personalization, it can be done based on their interests, for example, sending recommended content based on their user experience or previously purchased items, sending reminders to recover abandoned carts, asking for reviews when customers receive an order, etc.

Another way to attract users to our eCommerce through the personalization of communications is by sending promotions based on the segmentation of users and their specific place in the sales funnel, so that the information sent will be relevant to your subscribers and will generate greater interest.

Of course, we must control the duration of promotions, since, as Retail Rocket states, promotions with a limited duration can cause stress in the consumer, which can lead them to buy impulsively and subsequently generate a rejection of the product that was not really necessary, nor had all the necessary information been obtained due to the pressure to buy before the end of the offer. Therefore, to alleviate this problem and avoid product returns, it is advisable to extend the duration of promotions.

Device personalization

Which device do your users use most frequently? Analyze it and adapt to their preferred devices, so that access to your eCommerce will be easier and more fluid and, therefore, they will have a more satisfactory user experience.

Remember that to find out which layout is better on each device, you can resort to A/B testing.

Personalization of promotions

Previously, we talked about the customization of promotions based on the stage of the sales funnel in which users are, in this case, we focus on personalized promotions according to the behavior of consumers in our eCommerce.

Promotions can be made on products that users have seen but have not purchased, or on recommended products similar to those already purchased.

In addition, we can offer personalized promotions to users who have already purchased previously in our eCommerce, encouraging them to repeat their purchase and become loyal customers to our brand, something that is a great benefit for our eCommerce, since loyal customers are an asset of great value and promote the acquisition of new customers and, therefore, increased sales.

As we have seen, it is time to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the development of technology today, to personalize our communications and products and improve the user experience of our eCommerce.

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