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3 tips to automate your ecommerce

Do you have an eCommerce and want to optimize your work? In planet, we give you some tips to do it easily.

Do you have an eCommerce and you want to optimize your work? Then, continue reading because this will interest you.

In Spain, data show that this year eCommerce continues to grow, due to the fact that the frequency of online shopping by consumers is increasing every year. Statista (2022), in its report "Monthly frequency of online shopping in Spain in 2021", indicates that 86% of users buy at least once a month online, of which 36% buy on a weekly frequency.

What does this mean? On the one hand, the increase of online consumers provides a great opportunity for your eCommerce. And, on the other hand, competitors are also increasing, which can be a threat to your business.

In previous posts of our blog, we talked about the Dynamic pricing strategy, and the importance of its use, encouraging eCommerce to take advantage of tools like Planet in Shopify to automate their prices and save time.

However, in this article, we go further and show you other 3 tips to optimize your eCommerce in a very simple way, turning manual tasks into automated jobs that will save you time, which you can use for other tasks, ready?

1. Create a segmented mailing list

This way, you will be able to classify your audience according to their interests and consumer behavior. This will help the communications you send to users to be more personalized and relevant to them and, therefore, generate more interest.

In addition, it is important that mailing lists are not only used to promote products, but that the e-mails received also provide value to the audience.

Email segmentation is a simple strategy for which multiple tools are available. And it can increase the email open rate by 203% according to data collected by the market research company Emarketer.

2. Automate your stock

On other occasions we have talked about the importance of automating prices, but it is also important to automate the stock of your business. You can do this automation through different tools that allow you to manage and update your available products easily.

There are many plugins specialized in these tasks on platforms like Shopify, which will allow you to update your inventory according to the frequency you choose and the needs of your business, both physical and online. In addition, it will help you know which products are the best sellers.

By automating this process, you will avoid having a person to update your eCommerce stock manually, which is a great improvement for your business.

3. Recommend products to your customers

By studying the buying behavior of your customers, you can offer them recommended and featured products based on their preferences so that they repeat or make a purchase.

You can also personalize advertising, so that it is based on the interests shown by users and, therefore, more effective.

This recommendation to buy your products can be done in a section of your own eCommerce or through email marketing, automatically sending your customers the most appropriate product catalog for them in case they have left your website without seeing this section.

Now that you know some of our tips to help you increase your sales and optimize your work, you only have to put them into practice!

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

Boost your eCommerce Sales

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