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4 tips to increase the average ticket in your eCommerce

We show you 4 tips to increase the average ticket of your eCommerce customers to increase your turnover.


There are many types of strategies that can help increase turnover in an eCommerce, such as strategies to increase sales or strategies to increase the value of the average ticket, the purpose of both being to increase the profits of our business.

This week, we talk in our blog about how to increase the "average ticket" which is a very popular concept in marketing and refers to the average value a customer spends on each purchase.

Depending on the sector in which your eCommerce works, the average ticket statistics will vary significantly, being the sector with the highest average ticket in Spain last 2021 "jewelry and accessories" with an average of 1,121.71€, followed by "travel" whose average was 642.64€ and "computer and electronics" with 332.30€ on average, according to data from Marketing4ecommerce.

In addition, the average ticket will also vary according to the type of user (new, recurring), according to the products in your catalog that are purchased, if they have discounts or not, etc. So, having a detailed sales analysis will help you understand, for example, which customer is the one who spends the most in your eCommerce or which products are the most profitable, and based on this you can establish a strategy.

How to increase the average ticket in your eCommerce

Here are 4 tips to increase the average ticket value of your eCommerce.

1. Use discounts

Using the discount pricing strategy will make users want to take advantage of the opportunity to save on their purchase and buy products that they would not buy at their original price.

The types of discounts that exist are diverse, as well as their objectives, since, in addition to increasing the average ticket in your eCommerce, they will help you to attract new customers, increase traffic to your website and build customer loyalty. To increase the average ticket of your eCommerce you can use discounts for minimum purchase, volume discounts (3x2) or discounts in percentage and fixed amount (-10% or 10€ less).

One of the most important factors when discounting in eCommerce is the use of the price comparison, as this will show your customers how much money they are saving by purchasing the discounted product. In this way, customers will be more likely to purchase products on your website, increasing the average ticket by selling more products with a lower profit margin.

Therefore, we must study in depth the use of this pricing strategy and know what are the needs of our eCommerce, because, although this strategy is used to increase sales and therefore, the total turnover, if the profit margin does not allow the realization of a discount will be unviable.

With our Planet App in Shopify, besides automating and scheduling discounts, you will be able to analyze your discounts for each of your products in the desired period, by variant, product or even category. In addition, it has a dashboard with the main KPIs of the previous week, so you can see how using discounts increases the turnover of your eCommerce.

Planet's KPIs

2. Offers a wide variety of products

Offering an extensive product catalog will help your customer to spend a higher amount on his order, since, if the catalog is limited, the possibilities of purchase are reduced.

A very clear example of this strategy is the use of cross-selling products, that is, offering your customers the option of adding other products to the cart that complement the product they are buying. For example, offer chargers and phone cases when you add a smartphone to the cart.

In this way, they will easily see complementary products to your product that may be of interest to them and that they may not even know were available in our eCommerce.

3. Use product recommendations

Personalized product recommendation is a strategy that allows products to be displayed based on the user's behavior in an eCommerce, taking into account what pages they have visited previously, their recent purchases, what items they have on their wish list, etc.

Knowing and analyzing the tastes and interests of your consumers will make it possible to recommend products, which, like cross-selling, will make customers see and add to their purchase products that they may not have previously found in your catalog.

4. Sells products in packs

The sale of products in packs is a very common way to increase the average ticket of our customers, since they are offered the opportunity to buy a pack of products at a lower price than the price of these products purchased individually. So, as with the offers, users will buy the pack of products in order to save on their purchase.

This strategy is very useful for users who are looking for a very simple purchasing process, since they are offered a "closed pack", with which they can buy everything they need with a single click.

In addition, this strategy has different variants, since open packs can be offered, in which products can be chosen or even the option of adding products "frequently bought together" can be offered without having a discount for the pack purchase, but which facilitates the purchasing process.

These are some tips to use in your eCommerce to increase the average ticket value of your customers and therefore increase your turnover.

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