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How to improve your Shopify listing? 6 tips you should know

If you have an App on Shopify, follow these tips and improve your Shopify listing to reach more merchants.

Shopify listing

In our previous post, we talked about the new Shopify listing, which was updated last September 15 with the new fields and which, will remove the obsolete fields like "key benefits" and "detailed description" next November 1, 2022.

What is the Shopify App Store listing?

The Shopify app listing is the presentation of an app within the Shopify App Store, or in other words, it is the information that describes our app and will make it stand out from the others within the list of apps, in order to get Shopify merchants to install it.

Why is it so important to take care of the Shopify Listing?

First of all, its importance resides in the fact that it is the first step that marketers will perceive about our application, therefore, a careful listing with quality images and content will give a positive vision of our application.

On the other hand, taking care of the content within the listing, will imply that the positioning of our app within the Shopify App Store will improve, so, it will reach a higher number of merchants and, therefore, it will get more installs.

What do we need to know to improve Shopify listing?

First of all, we have to keep in mind what are the requirements that Shopify asks to the apps to include them inside its App Store, and what are the information fields that developers must fill inside the new listing, which we talked about in our last post.

1. Clearly explains the features of the App

Merchants must be very clear about what the functions of our application are, so it is especially important to provide information about the features in a clear and concise way that is visible at a quick glance and catches the eye.

Moreover, within the app's features, we are not only referring to its functions, but also to the pricing of the app and the merchants that will be able to install it, since, depending on which app it is, it may be intended for Shopify Plus merchant, Advanced merchant, etc.

2. Translate your Shopify listing

If the application is available in different languages, translating the listing to the languages in which it is available will make the App reach a higher number of merchants. However, there will be a main listing with the preferred language, in which only some fields can be changed.

3. Take care of the preview in the Apps Listing

Next, we can see what the first step Shopify users will see inside the Shopify app listing:


The name, icon, reviews and the brief description of the application will be the first step that merchants will see, and therefore, we must choose them in detail, in addition, Shopify includes some requirements:

Requirements name

Our App name cannot:

  • Include the word "Shopify"
  • Exceed 30 characters in length
  • Be a generic description of the App's function
  • End with the name of our Shopify Partner account.


Requirements icon

The application icon must:

  • Be in PNG or JPG format
  • Be in 1200 px by 1200 px format
  • Not include text
  • Have space around the icon
  • Have square corners
  • Be original
  • Use eye-catching colors
  • Be simple and neat
  • Not include promotions

4. Properly enter your application

Shopify allows a maximum of 100 characters within the application introduction, so, we must be concise and highlight what is the purpose of our application and our main benefit.

On the other hand, emoticons, keywords or special characters should not be used within the introduction.

5. Includes a demo store

Dentro del Listing de Shopify, se puede añadir la URL a una tienda de demostración, que permite a los comerciantes ver la interfaz de su aplicación sin necesidad de llegar a instalarla.

Es importante que el diseño de la tienda de demostración sea adecuado y por supuesto, en consonancia a la aplicación real. Además, se deben proporcionar instrucciones para guiar y ayudar a los comerciantes a entender cómo funciona su aplicación de forma sencilla.

Asimismo, es recomendable enlazar la tienda de demostración con aquella página que muestre la mejor función de nuestra aplicación.

6. Take care of the multimedia content

To make the featured video inserted at the beginning of the Shopify listing, we must keep in mind that:

  • The duration should not exceed 2-3 minutes
  • We should not use more than 25% screen captured content, as it is a promotional video and not to show the interface of the application
  • We cannot use content from third parties without authorization
  • The video thumbnail should be eye-catching.

Now, you can improve your Shopify listing and increase the number of merchants with your App! Get to know our App Planet and collaborate with us to grow together!

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