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How to improve SEO on Shopify

We show you how to improve the SEO of your eCommerce on Shopify.


This week on Planet's blog we show you how to improve your Shopify store's SEO rankings to reach your potential customers.

What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization and refers to improving the visibility of a website in different search engines such as Google or Yahoo!

Improving SEO is an essential step in the creation of an eCommerce, because if we do not take care of our positioning, we will not have an organic impact on our users and we will have to spend part of our budget to obtain paid traffic through platforms such as Google Ads, which will place our website in the top positions of search engines.

Why is it so important to appear in the first positions? Data reveals that more than 75% of users access the first page that appears in search engines, so if we want to achieve organic traffic, we must appear either in the first position or among the first positions, trying to avoid appearing in the 2nd page or higher, since the clicks in this position are considerably reduced.

How to improve SEO ranking of a Shopify store?

The first thing to know is that improving the positioning of an eCommerce is a long-term action, so the results will not be visible immediately. However, there are some key aspects that will help you improve your positioning and therefore increase your organic traffic.

The first step to take to improve the positioning of an eCommerce is to know what our main keywords are, analyzing how our customers search for us and in which keywords our competitors are positioned.

To do this, we will select generic keywords and other more specific ones, also known as "long tail keywords", to compete for the first position in terms with a lower volume of searches and therefore, less competitive.

TIP: If you want to know the volume of searches for a keyword in different countries you can use the free tool: Google Trend.

Below, we show you what steps to follow in Shopify to improve the positioning of your online store.

Title and meta description of homepage

To change the title and meta description of our home page, we need to access our Shopify dashboard, and click on the "preferences" section.

In this section, we will find the option to change our title and meta description, two fundamental fields to improve positioning, so we must pay special attention to the terms that we will add in these fields.

Choosing the right keywords in the title will directly influence the display of our web site in those terms, while in the meta description the keywords do not position so much, but the chosen terms influence the clicks that our web site will get from a search engine, which is valued positively and improves the organic position.

SEO page

In the previous section, we talked about general website SEO improvements, however, you can make more specific SEO improvements by accessing from the Shopify dashboard to the "pages" section, included within the online store. In this section we will be able to edit the SEO of the website for each page, filling in the fields below with the keywords of each page of our eCommerce.

SEO product descriptions

As in the previous case, Shopify allows us the option to easily optimize the positioning of each of our products from the "products" section of the dashboard.

In this case, we must access the page of our products and at the bottom, edit the "Search engine listing" option. In this way, we will be able to optimize the title of our products, the meta description and even the URL using keywords.

Also, remember that in order for your eCommerce images to appear in users' searches, you must include the alt text of each image with its keywords. The "add alt text" option will appear when you click on the image.

Optimize the SEO positioning of your eCommerce and don't miss the opportunity to reach your potential customers in an organic way!

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

Boost your eCommerce Sales

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