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How to create daily deals on Shopify

Tutorial to create daily deals and manage on Shopify stores.

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In this step-by-step guide, we show you how to automate Daily Deals for your eCommerce by adding a rule with Planet and a featured section in your Shopify store.

Configuration in Planet

To create your Daily Deals you must add a new discount rule, and configure it by following the steps below:

1. Select your products

Start your rule by selecting the products to add to your Daily Deals, you can select them manually or select the products using the advanced filters (stock, price, tags, collections, etc.).

2. Set up the actions

a. Discount

Choose the discount that your selected products will have. We recommend a minimum discount of 30% in this particular use case.

Remember that the discounts available in this case are percentage discounts as well as fixed-amount discounts.

b. Tag

Add a tag to group your products and include them in the featured section of your eCommerce.

3. Schedule the duration of the discount

As this is a Daily Deals discount, the recommended duration is 24 hours, as shown below:

If we want this discount to be applied periodically, we can add more schedules, for example, every Monday.

Configuration in Shopify

To have Daily Deals displayed in a featured section of your eCommerce, you need:

1. Create a new collection

You can access o the collections page in the "products" section of the dashboard:

In the collections page, we create a new "automated" collection in which the products included as a condition that the tag is the same as the tag previously added in Planet, in this case "daily-deals".

2. Add a featured section

After creating this new collection, we will go to the "Online Store" page of the main menu. And we will customize the theme of our eCommerce, adding a featured section with the collection created in the previous step.

Now, you will be able to create several consecutive rules in Planet to display a featured section on your website. This section will be automatically updated with your Daily Deals to make sure your customers don't miss your special promotions.

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

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