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How to create a Discount for the Last Units on Shopify

Tutorial to create a last units discount with Planet on Shopify step by step.

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In this guide we will show you how to create a last unit or liquidation discount with Planet, to avoid sleeping stock in your eCommerce, which means losses.

Create a rule

The first step to creating a discount is to add a new rule. To do this, you must access the rules page and click on "add rule".

When you do this, a pop-up will appear with the available presets to create your rule. In this case, to create a discount for the last units, we recommend you choose the "Price discount" preset.

Configure your rule

1. Select the products

In this particular use case, the most appropriate option is to use an advanced filter, filtering your products based on available stock.

In this case, the two filters applied are:

  • (optional) Stock greater than 0, preventing the discount from being applied to out-of-stock products. You can avoid this filter if you want to show out-of-stock products with a discount too.
  • Stock less than or equal to 10 (the value is up to you), to apply the discount to products with limited stock units.

Remember that the filter that affects the selection of products in the rule is dynamic, so the rule is updated every hour, and the products affected will be updated in the same way. That is to say when applying the rule, every hour it will check that the products meet the condition of stock greater than 0 and stock less than or equal to 10, adding new products to the rule and excluding those that do not meet this condition when updated.

In addition, you can optionally add other filters, for example, excluding those items that contain "new season" as a tag or whatever you consider.

2. Set the discount

The amount of discount will be variable and will depend on the profit margin of your products. However, from Planet, we recommend that the discount to get rid of surplus stock should be a minimum of 15% discount.

PRO TIP : In addition to applying a discount, you can tag those products, so you can group all the products affected by the rule using the "outlet" or "last units" tag, which will allow you to add it to a specific section or page of your eCommerce.

3. Schedule discount

The last step in creating your rule is to select its start date and, optionally, its end date.

As this is a dynamic rule for the liquidation of the last units, it is recommended not to set an end date, since, as explained in the first section, the products affected will be updated automatically every hour.

Finally, you will only have to save and activate your rule. Remember to check your rule before activating it using the preview.

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