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GOI by Jessica Goicoechea boosts its sales with Planet

GOI has increased its sales by 15% with Planet's help.

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About GOI

Born and grown in 2019 in Barcelona, GOI, Jessica Goicoechea's brand, stands for clothes that empower.

GOI boasts a global presence through fashionable and sensual clothes designed with exclusive fabrics and distinctive patterns. Its clothes are ethically produced in Spain although, they have international shipping in its eCommerce.

Currently, in addition to managing the eCommerce, they have a Showroom in Barcelona, a space that reflects the essence of GOI, where customers can approach the brand and pick up their orders.

The brand has a strong online presence, since its founder, Jessica Goicoechea, who frequently shares content from the brand, has almost 2 million followers on Instagram, in addition to the more than 200 thousand followers of the brand. The brand also stands out for its collaborations with important influencers and celebrities from around the world.


GOI is a fashion brand that is constantly being renewed with the launch of new products. ‍

In order to keep its commitment to its customers and have the possibility of putting on sale new collections with renovated designs, it is necessary to leave behind the stock of previous seasons.

For this, the automation and management of your promotions in an efficient way is essential. Creating sale campaigns for different products and variants in a few minutes, scheduling your promotions for brief periods of time, and automatic price changes... are some of the key points for optimal management of your promotions.

An effectively developed promotions strategy allows the brand to both increase its sales and profits, and to free up the workload involved in carrying out promotions and price changes manually when you have many products in your catalog.


In order to liquidate clothes from past seasons, GOI employs the strategy of price discounts, which it uses occasionally on its website through Flash Sales.‍

GOI puts on sale part of its catalog, with discounts of up to 50% of the original price of the product, offering very attractive prices for products from previous seasons.‍

Thanks to this strategy, the brand manages to renovate its catalog every season and launch new products to the market following the latest trends, since, it avoids single sizes and the saturation of its warehouses, among others.


With Planet's help, GOI has been able to increase its sales by more than 15% through unique promotions for its customers.

By creating different promotions with Planet, GOI chooses which type of discount is the most appropriate for each product, filtering by collections, tags, stock and much more. In addition, thanks to the discount metrics included in the platform, it is possible to track the effectiveness of each promotion, measuring sales and profits.

Due to the high competitiveness in the fashion industry and the loyalty of customers to their favorite brands, it is essential to be at the forefront when promoting and giving visibility to their products. GOI is a leader in its vertical in terms of design, innovation and also in providing its users with the best products.

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Great experience! One of the most useful apps we have in Shopify, super necessary for sale times.

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

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