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Giants store boosts sales with Planet's help

Planet has helped generate 7% of Giants' sales through promotions.

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About Giants

Giants is an eSports club founded in 2008 in Malaga. It has an official eCommerce of the brand, which sells equipment and sports accessories of the Giants Club and exclusive collaborations with other leading sports brands such as Nike.

Giants has a physical store in Malaga, its city of origin, where its main office is also located. In addition, its online store offers national and international shipments.


The rotation of products according to the season and different collaborations is one of the main headaches for Giants, since it has numerous references that make it difficult to manage its prices and promotions.

In their product catalog, we can see that Giants uses the price discount strategy, on individual products to offer its customers competitive prices and to promote the sale of last units of specific products.

In addition, Giants offers special promotions to its customers such as Flash Sales during important periods such as Black Friday, helping the brand attract more customers during periods of high demand.

In this case, discount management is complex, due to the different promotions depending on the different products and collections. When you run promotions in your store at specific times, scheduling them is essential to have your store prepared in advance and avoid last-minute mistakes.



To manage its pricing effectively and display promotions to customers, Giants uses Planet's price discounts, setting them up in a few clicks and getting its promotions ready to apply and reverse automatically.

In addition, Planet makes price management easy with bulk price changes, allowing price changes of hundreds of references to be made in minutes.

The effectiveness of price changes and promotions in the case of stores like Giants, with many products, is thanks in large part to the existence of filters by collection, tag, stock, etc. that allow these actions to be carried out by grouping products.

Planet allows to manage in a single platform the promotions of the different products and schedule them for specific periods, facilitating the liquidation of products and allowing the brand to stay ahead with new designs.


Planet has helped generate 7% of Giants' sales through price discounts.

As a brand that sells its own exclusive products, specific promotions significantly increase the brand's sales thanks to the creation of a sense of urgency.

This strategy allows the brand to launch new collections according to the season and to renovate the official equipment of the sports club, while remaining at the forefront.

In addition to occasional sales, Giants eCommerce has a section of last units with attractive discounts for its customers, making it easier to sell single sizes or leftover stock from previous seasons or collaborations, which helps to build customer loyalty and increase traffic to its eCommerce.

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This app is helping us a lot in price management and campaign automation. The team is very top notch and they are constantly evolving, improving the functionalities. 100% recommended for companies with many references and product rotation.

Boost your eCommerce Sales

Boost your eCommerce Sales

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