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Father's Day: How to increase your eCommerce sales

We show you how to increase your eCommerce sales on Father's Day.


Father's Day is celebrated in countries such as Spain, Portugal or Switzerland on March 19, a holiday in which fathers are honored, often with a gift, so, as it is a special day, we should note the date on our calendar to focus our marketing actions in preparation for this celebration.

It is important to remember that this celebration usually has a fixed date on the calendar, however, it is a holiday that varies depending on the country in which it is celebrated, so we have to analyze in detail from which country our users buy more (or visit us more) and adapt the offers and communications to the celebrations and special dates of each country.

Whatever date it is celebrated, this week we leave you with some tips to increase your eCommerce sales on Father's Day for this 2023.

Offer your customers a list of recommended products

Choosing the right gift for a father is a complicated task for your customers and if your product catalog is very varied, it is even more so, so if you include in your eCommerce a section of gift recommendations for Father's Day, you will facilitate your customers the process of finding the perfect gift.

You can include all the men's products of your eCommerce to this list of recommendations or you can segment the lists according to different factors such as price, product category, product type (gift voucher, customized, packs), discount amount, etc.

If you want to go further and make your eCommerce stand out, you can even offer personalized gifts based on your customers' answers to a short questionnaire included on your website. The options are endless, and we leave them up to you, but we recommend that you offer your customers specific gift options to prevent too many products from turning doubts into an uncompleted purchase.

Create exclusive offers

Offer special promotions in your eCommerce for your customers to take advantage of during Father's Day. To communicate promotions to your potential customers you can use different strategies such as banners on the website, posts on social media, paid advertising or email marketing campaigns, highlighting especially the latter strategy to reach more directly to your potential customers.

Offers for Father's Day must have a limited duration, usually previous to the date on which this day is celebrated, in order to buy the gifts in advance. This limited duration generates in customers a sense of urgency that leads them to make the purchase directly, without comparing other options.

If you have an eCommerce on Shopify, using our app Planet, will help you to schedule discounts in advance, freeing up your workload when it comes to managing special dates.

To do this, you can select the products affected by the discount and set up a rule, for example, apply a 15% discount on the selected products. In addition, you can schedule your rule to be applied at the time of your choice, such as March 17 at 00:00h.

Another advantage of Planet is that, in addition to adding a discount on your products, you can simultaneously add tags, which will help us in the management of eCommerce and allow us to include the products in different sections of our website easily.

Be different from your competitors

On dates with high product demand, your competitors will also offer exclusive promotions to increase their customers, so you must employ a differentiating strategy that offers users benefits over your competitors.

The increased return time or the possibility of purchasing gift vouchers will be two very attractive options for users on days when the main orders are gifts.

Therefore, taking into account the target public, the possibilities are endless, you can offer attractive gift packs, special packagings, free returns, etc. This will depend entirely on your product catalog and the possibilities of your eCommerce.

In addition, you can use other strategies to attract the attention of users such as special contests on social media or games to win exclusive benefits in your eCommerce. These actions are designed to achieve virality in order to reach a bigger audience.

Increase your sales by preparing your eCommerce for this special day!

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

Boost your eCommerce Sales

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