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Best Shopify Apps for Sales 2023

We show you the apps you need to know to implement a promotion strategy in your eCommerce.

Shopify Apps Sales

Are you a Shopify merchant? If you have an eCommerce on Shopify, keep reading, because this week on the Planet's blog we tell you which are the best Shopify apps to implement the sales strategy in your eCommerce.

How can the use of apps help your eCommerce?

Using Shopify apps will help you improve and optimize your eCommerce, helping to enhance your users' experience and increase your sales.

There are multiple app options available in the Shopify app store to cover all your eCommerce needs, so you should set your goals and check out the apps' functionalities.

Shopify app categories

Shopify collects apps by category, to help merchants find apps:

  • Finding products
  • Selling products
  • Orders and shipping
  • Store design
  • Marketing and conversion
  • Store management
  • Dropshipping
  • Email marketing

Shopify apps have different pricing plans, languages and functionalities.

Best Apps for your Shopify eCommerce promotions

We show you 4 apps to improve your eCommerce promotions strategy on Shopify

Sales & Bulk Discount Manager

If you are interested in scheduling discounts in an automated way in your eCommerce, our app Planet will help you to set up a discount strategy in minutes.

Planet allows you to create automated discounts with start and end date, so you can prepare your strategy in advance. In addition, you can also perform other bulk actions such as changing the price of your products, adding tags or changing the state of your products.

At the end of the discount period, the changes will be reverted and your eCommerce will automatically change back to the original price.

Therefore, Planet is an app that will help you in the pricing management of your eCommerce, to save time filtering products and making changes in bulk.

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Hextom: Quick Announcement Bar

In previous articles of our blog, we talked about the importance of communication in the strategy of promotions, since, for a promotion to be successful, customers need to know that a promotion is going to be carried out and also know when it will take place.

This App will help you keep your customers informed about the duration, start and end of promotions by adding a timer banner to your Shopify store.

The banner will be totally customizable, to adapt the counter to the theme of your Shopify store. In addition, it allows you to offer banners on different pages, to specific customers, according to country, etc.

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SMSBump: SMS Marketing & Email

This app allows merchants to communicate with their customers through different channels such as email marketing, SMS marketing, banners, etc.

The benefit offered by the use of this application is, as we mentioned before, the communication strategy of promotions, to let your customers know what offers you are going to make in your eCommerce and for how many days the offer will be active, for example, to let your customers know that you are going to make a 30% discount during the Singles' Day.

The purpose of promotional campaigns is to increase sales in an eCommerce thanks to lower prices and exclusive offers, so if you want to increase your sales, in addition to preparing your website, you must communicate with your target in an appropriate way.

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Sales campaigns involve an increase in sales, so optimal order management is essential to be able to address the entire workflow without negatively affecting the customer experience.

Sendcloud is an application to automate shipment management, specifically, Sendcloud allows you to create shipping labels, connect with more than 80 shippers, track shipments, returns, etc.

Having an app that facilitates the management of shipments will help you in your eCommerce throughout the year, but it will be essential at specific times when sales increase exponentially and managing them manually is not an option.

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These are the fundamental Shopify apps to easily implement a promotions strategy in your eCommerce and increase your sales this 2023!

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

Boost your eCommerce Sales

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