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5 marketing strategies for Black Friday 2022

Know these 5 marketing strategies that will make your eCommerce grow this Black Friday 2022


In previous articles of our blog we talked about the importance of anticipating our actions for Black Friday, which this 2022 is on November 25, in order to increase our sales during this popular event worldwide and make the most of our eCommerce.


In this article, we tell you, specifically, what marketing strategies you can follow in your eCommerce to achieve success on Black Friday 2022, an event that many consumers take advantage of to make their Christmas purchases compulsively, with the excuse of saving on certain products thanks to the discounts.


We emphasize that, the most sold products during this event, fall within the categories of fashion, accessories and electronic products. And that, users take advantage of the great offer to purchase the products online, so that they can compare offers and prices and, above all, purchase the products from their own smartphone, which facilitates shopping for people who do not have time to physically go to the stores.

On the other hand, if in addition to an eCommerce, you sell in physical stores, we recommend that you combine these marketing strategies in both businesses, since during this event both physical and online purchases increase.


Now, take note of these marketing strategies and get ready to implement them in your eCommerce during Black Friday 2022.

1. Offer exclusive promotions

Black Friday stands out for being an event in which users are offered exclusive discounts and promotions, so users expect to find lower prices in your eCommerce, which will make them immediately acquire the products, based on the sense of urgency for fear that the offer ends and they lose the opportunity. Therefore, you must create exclusive promotions limited to this event that impact on your customers, avoiding deception and the previous price increase to offer better discounts, since users know this strategy and may lose confidence in your business when they realize it.


To offer discounts on your Shopify eCommerce, you can try our app Planet , with a 14-day free trial, which helps you manage and automate discounts on your eCommerce products, leaving everything ready for this event in advance and allowing you to spend your time on other tasks. Planet will change the price of the products you select when the offer starts and will return to the original price at the end of the offer, avoiding errors and manual programming of discounts.


2. Communicate the promotions

Your customers should know what kind of offer or promotion you are going to make during this event, and therefore, it is important to communicate it at least one week in advance, in order to reach a higher number of users.

In addition, by preparing your communications in advance, you can perform a more detailed segmentation and a more repetitive communication, so that users keep your eCommerce in mind during this event.

You can use your own social networks, SMS marketing or email marketing as a communication channel. It is also a good time to invest in paid advertising, since there are many users willing to buy during this event and, therefore, the return on your investment will be too.

Black Friday is a good time to invest in all kinds of advertising, so any idea is good to share your discounts and promotions with users, such as investing in influencers or creating content for trending social networks like TikTok.


3. Differentiate your eCommerce from competitors

Black Friday is a worldwide event, in which eCommerce turnover increases exponentially, so many businesses take advantage of this event to launch discounts and exclusive offers.


Therefore, it is important to make our eCommerce stand out from the competition. To achieve this differentiation we can create unique offers that catch the attention of users due to the low price of the products, communicate them in a different or repetitive way to stand out from the competition, launch contests to increase traffic on our social media, etc.

A good way to put the products of our eCommerce in the consumer's mind, above the competition, is by capturing their attention through ads with offers and eye-catching designs. In addition, we can encourage the use of the Google Shopping feed, positioning the products with the best offers at the top of it, and increasing the bids of our ads, to prevent them from not being displayed.


4. Generates a sense of urgency

The feeling of urgency or scarcity leads the user to make the purchase impulsively and immediately, and is the main hook of Black Friday, so it is essential to highlight the duration of the offers and specify it so that users do not feel deceived.

Within this strategy, we can use words such as "limited offer", "exclusive offer", "unique offer", etc. to emphasize that this offer will not be repeated and they must buy the product immediately to benefit from it.


To let users know how long the offers will last, since, although Black Friday offers are carried out during the same day, sometimes they can start earlier or end in the following days, even lasting a week. To do this, we can use applications to add a counter to our eCommerce to show users at all times the duration of the same.


5. Offer benefits to your clients

Use the remarketing strategy to reach customers who have already purchased previously in your eCommerce, for example, users who made purchases during the previous Black Friday, users who have not purchased any product in your eCommerce for months, or even loyal customers who you want to reward for their loyalty.

You can communicate with your customers through email marketing, personalizing messages to capture the attention of users more effectively, and prepare exclusive offers for each customer segment.


A very common loyalty strategy during Black Friday is to offer our customers a privileged access to the offers, for example, Zara starts its sales at 20:00H on the app and at 22:00H on the website.

Implement these marketing strategies in your eCommerce during Black Friday 2022 and increase your sales!


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Boost your eCommerce Sales

Boost your eCommerce Sales

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