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3 tools to optimize your eCommerce

Here you will find three tools that will be very useful to implement in your eCommerce.

Have you just created an eCommerce? are you looking to improve your eCommerce website? do you want to improve your customers' experience?

No matter what is your situation, at Planet we bring you three tools developed in Spain that you will find very useful to implement in your eCommerce: Connectif, Doofinder and RITMO.

These three tools have different functions, so, in Planet's blog we explain a little more about them.


Connectif is a Spanish platform that allows the personalization of your eCommerce, with functions such as the creation of landing pages, and the establishment of relationships with your users during each moment of their buyer journey.

In addition, this tool allows you to use the communication channels that best suit your audience (email, SMS, etc.), which makes interaction more effective and allows you to collect data on user behavior on your website.

On the other hand, Connectif has customized canvas panels in which you can design the communication and marketing strategy to be developed for your eCommerce users.

Another of its functions is the creation of smart product recommendations, so that users find content based on their buying behavior and interests, in the form of banners, as well as emergent windows, emails or landing pages, among many others.

It also allows you to segment your audience, which is a good way to optimize your eCommerce, and will also help you with the automation of functions such as sending personalized communications which easily improves the performance of your eCommerce, as we mentioned in our article 3 tips to automate your eCommerce.

Finally, Connectif is highlighted by the importance that the data obtained by the software are in real time, and like Planet, this platform is designed especially for eCommerce and is available for online sales platforms such as Shopify.


The other tool that we present today in our blog is Doofinder, an intelligent search engine to incorporate into your eCommerce quickly and without the need for programming knowledge.

Doofinder stands out for being a tool that offers users search results based on their shopping behavior, in addition, it offers users product alternatives in the event that the product they are looking for is not available, which is a way to both improve the user experience and increase sales of your eCommerce.

Therefore, through Doofinder's smart search engine, users will be able to find the products they want easily in a reduced time, even without finishing typing the name, looking for synonyms or typing with a spelling mistake.  

If you have an eCommerce with a large catalog of products, Doofinder will help your customers to find their desired product and will also provide you with data on what products your users are looking for the most.


It is a Revenue Based Finance platform, whose mission is to help your eCommerce growing by offering a growth strategy, financial capital, access to resources and insights, so that you can analyze its performance.

In addition, RITMO, a leader in Southern Europe, is known for its speed, flexibility and lack of dilution.

RITMO offers entrepreneurs the ability to access flexible capital for their eCommerces, allowing them to finance their eCommerce inventory or expand their product catalog, and even use new sales channels, among other functions.

Using its insights feature, you can analyze financial metrics relevant to your eCommerce, such as revenue and cash flow, for free and in an automated way.

Did you know about these tools? If you have just discovered them, it's time to try them out and start optimizing your eCommerce.
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Boost your eCommerce Sales

Boost your eCommerce Sales

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