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3 tools to manage your eCommerce feed

Discover these 3 feed management tools and how they can help you optimize your eCommerce.


Managing your eCommerce feed properly is very important, because it shows the information that your customers see about your products in the form of a catalog, and if they miss any information it can be a reason for abandoning your website.

Specifically, a feed is a digital file (usually CSV or XML) in which all the products of an eCommerce and their characteristics are shown. The most common data to collect in an eCommerce feed are: product name, price, color and size. In addition, different data of interest can be added, such as, for example, product availability, and we can also choose the size, typography, color, etc. of the feed to design it in a personalized way.

Also, it is almost essential that this data is complemented with the image of the product, being an online business, since users will not buy something they do not know what it looks like.

There are different tools to manage the feed of an eCommerce, which generally load the original data of our products, collected in CSV or XML files, to adapt them to the appropriate platform and display them visually.

Here are 3 very useful tools for managing an eCommerce feed.


This tool allows us to automate the management of both feeds and SEM campaigns. In addition, it has the advantage of allowing us to quickly send our products to more than 2,500 price comparison sites, affiliation networks and marketplaces.

Channable also allows us to generate dynamic ads, both for Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising, manage orders, analyze metrics, integrate with other applications, etc. In this case, we focus on Channable's product for feed management, but there are other interesting features to implement in your eCommerce.

Channable also has feed templates to choose the layout and design that best suits your eCommerce with quality data to "increase your online visibility and sales, saving time and resources".

On the other hand, this tool optimizes feeds by using intelligent cause-effect rules, synchronizing feeds with other platforms to stay updated and categorizing your products to increase their visibility.


This feed management tool allows automatic and optimized product positioning on more than 2,000 online sales channels worldwide, such as the main price comparison sites, shopping portals, marketplaces, retargeting or affiliate networks.

To use ChannelPilot:

- First, you must upload the product catalog, a file with as much data as possible.

- From ChannelPilot, the data is automatically optimized and the already designed feeds are sent to the channels we have selected.

- Once the data are sent, they appear and adapt automatically in the different channels.

As in Channable, when a change is made in any channel, the different channels will be automatically updated, to avoid confusion and the need to update individually.

The feeds will be created adapting to each channel specifically thanks to the optimizations of the tool, and in case there is any error or any suggestion for changes in the channel, it will be notified by email, ensuring a good performance of your eCommerce.


This tool allows you to create intuitive feeds from templates adapted to more than 1,000 sales channels and to control the quality of the feed to verify that the data sent to the different channels is complete.

To optimize your feed you can add new values, replace or combine attributes, add categories, exclude products, etc. actions that do not usually require previous information, but in case it is necessary, there is a live chat support to solve your doubts.

In addition, DataFeedWatch includes analytics to know which products in your feed are more profitable in the different channels, to make position changes or eliminate those products that lower the performance of our eCommerce.

On the other hand, an advantage of this tool is the ability to create and update Google text ad campaigns based on the feed, automating work and improving the results of your campaign, with specific ads per product and based on real and updated information.

These 3 tools for feed management will save you time and help you optimize your eCommerce, do you dare to try them?
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Boost your eCommerce Sales

Boost your eCommerce Sales

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