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3 Tools to improve customer service in your eCommerce

Learn about three tools that will help you improve customer service in your eCommerce.


Statistics show us how important a good customer service is, among others, the company Microsoft, informs us that, globally, 90% of customers recognize that this service is "important or very important" to choose a particular brand, and even 80% of them compare its importance with that of the quality of the product. Moreover, 96% of consumers recognize that it is a fundamental factor in whether or not they are loyal to a brand, so we have to take care of our customer service in detail in order to achieve customer loyalty.

Therefore, taking care of the user experience is essential to grow as an eCommerce, so this week on Planet's blog, we talk about the importance of customer service, and we show you 3 tools that can help you improve this function in your eCommerce.

1. Zendesk

Zendesk is one of the best-known customer service tools, as it is used by well-known brands such as Netflix and Vodafone.

This tool includes numerous functionalities, including the creation and management of customer tickets from a centralized control panel, real-time messaging and chat from the website, reports and analysis and personalized knowledge database, so that customers can easily access the information they want.

It also highlights that Zendesk integrates the different channels from which the customer can contact you (social networks, email, phone, website, etc.) to facilitate the conversation with your users, and allowing you to easily respond to messages from multiple channels.

1. Service Cloud by Salesforce

Salesforce is a company that specializes in small and medium-sized companies, which helps you manage your business operations in a "smart and flexible" way. Specifically, Salesforce's customer service software is called Service Cloud, and includes case management, knowledge base, ticket generation, queue management, customer access, among other functionalities.

This tool is notable because it offers the possibility of being used from any device, so you can contact your customers from your computer, phone or tablet.

On the other hand, it allows you to organize the requests received from your users, to answer them according to the order of relevance assigned.

2. Chatra

Chatra is one of the most important tools that you should know to improve your customer service, and it is an easy to use software, which is installed by inserting the code provided by the tool on your website, and that allows your customers to contact through a chat immediately, or through messages, in case we are not connected at that time. In this way, your customer will be able to consult their doubts in a simple and effective way.

It also has other features, such as the possibility of designing a Bot that collects customer contact data, contact customers manually, check visitors to your eCommerce in real time, etc.

Now you know, if you were not paying too much attention to your customers' experience, it is time to change it and grow as an eCommerce.

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