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3 steps to improve the product page of your eCommerce

Do you want to improve your eCommerce product page? Follow these steps and increase your product sales!


The product page is a fundamental part of your eCommerce and can be a key factor in the final sale of your product. Therefore, we must think about the experience of our users and create an optimal product page.

For this, Planet gives you some tips to improve your site and get an effective product page.

1. Take care of your product page design

When we talk about the design of the product page, we are referring to the quality of the product images, as well as the layout of these images on the website.

Everything influences the design and, therefore, we must be meticulous when making decisions on our product page.

As for the photographs that appear of our product, they must be taken with a high resolution device, in this way, users will be able to zoom the product without the image being pixelated, something that users value positively. In addition, it is advisable to use natural lighting in the product photographs, although, if this is not possible, we can resort to artificial lighting from two different sources to avoid shadows.

It is important to highlight the product in the image, so it is appropriate to use a neutral and plain background, although it is true that creative backgrounds can be more attractive, the attention of the product is lost, therefore, it is preferable to use them in social networks than on the product page. Also, images should be taken from different perspectives, so that users can see without any complication how exactly the product is, you can even make size comparisons or include videos.

When we refer to the design of the product page, we talk about the layout of photographs and key elements on the website. It is essential to take care of its design, so as not to overwhelm users, and to design it so that they can easily find everything they are looking for. To do this, you can use drop-downs where users can find more information if they wish and detail policies such as returns and prices on other pages of the site.

A detail to take into account is the placement of the most important information, for example, the price, the CTAs or the name of the product, which should be designed to stand out among the different elements of the page and placed in a visible place.

2. Show valuable content

The content displayed on the product page should be relevant to the user, maintaining a persuasive tone that encourages the user to purchase the product.

Complement the images with objective descriptions about the product, and add data about the benefits that the purchase of the product can provide to your customers. What material is it made of? What are its measurements?... think about what data the user should know before buying the product, and add them.

In addition, you can show the reviews of other customers about your product, this way, they will trust the product more, because the information comes from real users like them, who are not conditioned. Reviews from other customers are very important in online shopping, so don't forget to add them on your product page.

3. Optimize the product page

To optimize the SEO of your product page, include keywords naturally in the product descriptions, this way search engines will show your website and you will rank. To make proper use of keywords, you must know your users and know what they are looking for when they want to find a product like yours, i.e., take into account both product features and the needs it satisfies for your users.

There are other strategies to follow to position your product page, such as including your products in Google Shopping, using content formats of images and videos optimized for SEO onpage, adding Alt in the images, and structuring the contents through headings.

Now you know what steps to follow and how to improve your product page to achieve a good user experience and, therefore, increase your sales. Do you want to follow them?

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Boost your eCommerce Sales

Boost your eCommerce Sales

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