Guidelines for Guest Blogging

At Planet, we always appreciate your interest in working with us. Below, we share with you the Guidelines for Guest Blogging, which will help authors understand in depth the content and style guidelines to follow when creating a Planet Guest Blog post.

1. The kind of posts we publish on our blog

You can submit articles about case studies, step-by-step guides, current topics, etc. as long as the content is related to eCommerce, digital marketing or sales.

Our users are Shopify merchants. So, some suggestions for more specific topics to write about on our blog are "Shopify", "Tools/ Apps for eCommerce", "eCommerce Trends", "Building customer loyalty", etc.

Some examples of our posts:

Prepare your eCommerce for Christmas 2022: Everything you need to know

4 ways for Converting Black Friday shoppers into loyal customers

2. Our requirements about the content of guest posts

  • Original content - The published content must be completely original, we do not accept articles that have been previously published. You are also not allowed to republish articles on your own blog or on other blogs.
  • Content of value-Try to provide new and interesting ideas in your article, we want it to be different from the rest. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Structure - Write a well-structured article, with a short introduction (150 characters), tags (H1, H2, H3, ...), key points and conclusion. Paragraphs should be short for easy reading and contain around 1000 words.
  • Tone - The tone should be friendly, with clear and concise language. It is advisable to vary the length of sentences and grammatical structures.
  • Data and examples - Provide data to justify the content, and examples to help readers understand the information. Be sure to mention the sources of the data you use. Avoid using data more than 3 years old.
  • Be consistent - check out our previous posts to follow the style of the blog.
  • Take care of the title of the post - Try to make the title interesting and catchy, including relevant keywords. The ideal length should be between 55 - 65 characters. You can provide several different title options, we will help you choose the most suitable one.
  • Visual content - There are many types of visual elements that can better illustrate your article (images, videos, screenshots, infographics, etc.). Use high-resolution images and insert them in your article at full size. It should always be content that does not infringe copyright.
  • We do not accept advertising content - Direct promotion of products or services related to the author is not allowed.
  • Links - You can include links to quality sources, to previous related Planet blog articles or insert a link to your own website, as long as it is included without direct promotion and in a natural way).

3. Step-by-step procedure

Step 1. Check to see if we have written about that particular topic on our blog before.

Step 2. If it is an original topic and related to the content of our blog, write us an email with the proposed topic, a brief presentation and 3 posts written before to our mail:

Step 3. When we have confirmed the topic, write your article following this guide.

Step 4. Double-check that you comply with the established guidelines.

Step 5. Send us your article in PDF by email.

Step 6. Wait for our response.

Remember: If necessary, we may send some suggestions to improve the article. Also, please note that agreeing with a topic does not guarantee that we will publish the article, as we reserve the right to reject articles that do not meet our standards.

Finally, we would be delighted if this collaboration could be reciprocal and have the opportunity to write an article in your guest blog.