How does the sales table work?

Planet's sales section allows you to see your best-selling products for a range of time that you can configure to your liking. This way you can see in detail how your products are selling and their most relevant KPIs.

Do you want to know how? Here's how to do it!

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Analyze your best-selling products

All tables in Planet can be filtered to find the products you want to analyze. In the sales table it is very important that you find the products you want to analyze precisely how they are performing in order to make future discounts or price changes.

You can sort the table in ascending or descending order for each column by clicking on the column name. The meaning of each KPI in the table is detailed below:

  • Rotation: number of weeks required to sell the entire stock
  • Efficacy: percentage of stock already sold
  • Sales: total number of sales in the filtered period for this variant
  • Average Price: calculated on the basis of all orders for this variant
  • Average Discount: calculated on the basis of all orders for this variant
  • Average/Total Cost: average cost by order or total costs for this variant
  • Average/Total Revenue: average revenue by order or total revenue for this variant
  • Margin: percentage of profit based on average price and average costs
  • Profit: calculated based on revenue and costs
Sales table

Filter by date

With the time selector you can filter by preset time periods or choose a custom period between two dates.

Filter by date in sales table

Change between averages or totals

This option allows you to switch the view of some KPIs between average or total values. These KPIs are: Cost, Revenue and Profit.

Sales table change between average or totals

Export the current view

If you want to work with this data in an excel file or need to import it to another system of your company, with the export option you will get the current view in CSV format.

sales table export

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