Automate your daily tasks

Manual tasks are slow, tedious and inconsistent. With Planet, you can build scalable automations in the perfect momento in a few clicks.

Flash sale

Create a Flash Sale

Schedule automatic offers quickly only in a few clicks. You can base the offer on conditions and/or a period of time, when this ends, the prices are automatically reversed, without you having to do anything.

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Tag new products

Promoting your new products is one of the most important things to do when you make a new drop. But tagging these products is tedious and usually ends with multiple problems like missing products, different tags for the same purpose. Check how to automate it.

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New products

Monitor other brands

Clients are used to see multiple ads from different brands in their daily basis. They usually navigate throught many ecommerce to see which are the new products, what products are on discount, etc.

You need to control all of this information to take advantage when you plan to drop new products or make a flash sale.

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