Do you have any doubt? These are the most typical questions from our users. Remember that you can contact us directly if you do not find an answer.

What is price intelligence?

It is a technique by which the effect of the price on the sales of your eCommerce is analyzed. If you discover how the market is going to behave depending on the price you choose, you can anticipate the decisions of your clients.

How many products should I have to take advantage of it?

Our tool is designed for any size of eCommerce, from one with few products or recently opened to another that already has thousands of references.

Can other companies see my products?

Planet will not in any case share data from users' stores. The prices that can be seen in the market section are the public data that each eCommerce has on its website.

Can I use Planet if I don't have Shopify?

Our goal is to make Planet available for any CMS on the market. At the moment it is only available for Shopify

What is automation and what is it for?

An automation or business rule is nothing more than a series of steps that are carried out when a condition is met, saving you time and avoiding errors. For example: programming a discount campaign, receiving an out-of-stock alert, making your products the cheapest on the market, or any other process you carry out on a daily basis.