Tag new products

Tag new products for a set of time and then remove the tag.

Promote your new products is one of the most important things to do when you make a new drop. But tagging these products is tedious and usually ends with multiple problems like missing products, different tags for the same purpose...

This automation allows you to automate the tagging process quickly with a few clicks. You can set a rule that adds a tag if the product has been created in the last X days, if the product no longer meets the condition the tag will be removed automatically, you don't need to pay attention.

Step 1: Select all products

In this use case we want to tag all new products automatically, if you have different sections in your store for new collections, you can create multiple automations for this purpose.

Step 2: Set the conditions

We need that the automation detects the products that have been created between the current day and 60 days before. You could create multiple conditions to make a more complex rule based on sales, stock, rotation, efficacy, etc.

Step 3: Add the tag

Click on 'Change tags' action to add a tag when the condition is met for every product in the selection.

Step 4: Activate the rule

To finish, click on the toggle to active the rule. The state is going to be 'Pending' until the condition is triggered.

Now you have automated the new product tagging, easy!