Create a flash sale

Automate a flash sale for a collection

When you want to create discounts for your products being fast is key. But the process is tedious because you have to change many prices, be checking for errors and know what price they were before to revert them when you want to remove the offer.

This automation allows you to create automatic offers quickly with a few clicks. You can base the offer on conditions and/or a period of time, when this ends, the prices are automatically reversed, without you having to do anything.

Step 1: Select the affected products

First of all, you will need to select the products that want to be affected by the automation.

You can select them in 3 ways:

  1. One by one manually selecting products or variants.
  2. Using an advanced filter, for example by collection, tag, etc.
  3. Selecting the whole store.

Step 2: Set the discount

Click in 'Change Price' action and configure the discount.

You can select between 3 types of discounts (fixed amount, new price or percentage discount), and if it's going to be applied from the compared price or from the current price.

- Do you want to change the compared price? It's possible.

- Do you want a special price ending after the discount? Set it, as easy as it sounds!

Optional: Add/Remove a tag

There are multiple actions that can be applied in a rule, for this use case, it's interesting to add a tag white the discount is applied to add the products in an automatic collection that it is shown in 'On sale' page.

Click on 'Change tags' action and type 'SALE50' in the first option to add this tag while the rule is applied. When the rule ends, the tag will be removed from the products.

Step 3: Schedule it

An this point you just need to select a set of time when you want the rule is going to be applied. It's possible to only set the start date without and ending time. For this flash sale we are going to set both dates. When the end date arrives the rule reverts all the actions to the origin value.

Step 4: Activate the rule

To finish, click on the toggle to active the rule. The state is going to be 'Pending' until the start date is triggered.

That's all! This automation is ideal for doing flash sales.

You can create as many rules as you need. Try to set different actions or schedule it with more than one period.