Monitor other brand activity

Find opportunities monitoring other brands assortment, prices and discounts

Your clients are used to see multiple ads from different brands in their daily basis. They usually navigate throught many ecommerce to see which are the new products, what products are on discount, etc.

You need to control all of this information to take advantage when you plan to drop new products or make a flash sale.

But search in their webs day by day is a waste of time. Why not have this process automated with notifications about price drops and new products arrivals? With Planet is as easy as:

Step 1: Navigate to Market

Click on the market page to see historical data of your shop and other brands tracked with data visualization.

Step 2: Select brands to track

Click on 'Add store to track' button to select the brands you want to monitor. Your store is shown by default to see the same data as other brands to compare.

Choose between the available shops by clicking on them. If you don't see the brand you want to monitor, request it and our team will upload the list as soon as possible.

Ready! Now you will receive notifications every day when some brand you follow make changes in their products. Easy, without any effort, right?

You can click on them to see which products have been modified and their previous prices if they have changed.

Optional: Analyze their assortment

If you want too make a deeperr analisis you can access in any brand you are monitoring and see information about assortment, discounts, avr- price and many more. All information is filtrable and the page can be see in dashboard view or in table.